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Final Fantasy Fans Can’t Wait To See Crisis Core’s Best Memes Remastered

Final Fantasy fans can't wait to see all of Crisis Core's memes remastered in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion.

Last week, the Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary stream revealed a few big surprises for fans of the series, including the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, now titled Rebirth, and a remaster of Crisis Core that's coming at the end of this year. It was quickly discovered that, aside from some big graphical updates, new models, and some tweaks to the gameplay system, Reunion is the same game as the original Crisis Core.

This has caused fans to start reflecting on one of the things that Crisis Core is most beloved for – its memes. Believe it or not, but Crisis Core is very well known in the Final Fantasy community for some of its weirder scenes, usually featuring Zack Fair having an exaggerated reaction to whatever situation he finds himself in.

Since the reveal of Crisis Core Reunion, fans have been pointing out some of the best scenes in the game that they can't wait to see remastered. One such example comes from Twitter user DrCullenPHD, who shared a scene late in the game where Angeal says he wants world domination and Zack replies "That's not even funny, man".

Perhaps the most famous (or infamous, depending on how you feel) meme from Crisis Core is a scene late in the game where Zack meets Cloud and the two discuss where they're from. When Cloud asks Zack, he says, "Me? Gongaga." very quickly. The ridiculous name combined with the weird camera angle and speed in which he says it has made this scene legendary and one that fans can't wait to see again.

Another great scene features Zack being tripped up by Genesis as he chases Angeal. As Zack face plants the ground, Genesis starts trying to wax lyrical, all while Zack repeatedly tells him to shut up. It's supposed to be a serious scene, but it's so uncanny that it ends up being funny.

Most of these memes come down to the fact that Zack Fair is a much different character than most other Final Fantasy protagonists, acting as the straight man archetype that points out how ridiculous things are. Couple that with the legendary performance of Rick Gomez, which will remain for the remaster, and it's cemented itself as the most meme-able Final Fantasy out there.

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