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Final Fantasy 7’s Infamous Gongaga Meme Is Now In HD Thanks To Crisis Core Reunion

One of the most memed moments in Final Fantasy history is finally in HD thanks to Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Reunion, although reactions to this version are a little bit more mixed.

Reviews for Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Reunion went live the other day, which means that a ton of new footage is floating about of the remastered version of Zack's adventures. Thankfully, that includes the scene that pretty much every Final Fantasy fan has been thinking about – Zack Fair saying, "Me? Gongaga".

For those who don't know what in the Gongaga I'm talking about, let me quickly explain. During a late-game scene in the original Crisis Core, Zack is seen walking along a mountain with Cl9ud, where the two chat about where they're from. When Cloud asks where Zack was born, he turns around and goofily says "Me? Gongaga". The silliness of the name "Gongaga", along with how Zack says the line, quickly turned it into a meme.

Because of this, Final Fantasy fans have been excited to finally see the moment in HD through Crisis Core Reunion. Thanks to Twitter user hash_braun, we can do just that, as he shared a clip of the moment, which is mostly the exact same as it was in the original, just with Zack having a different voice.

As great as it is to finally see one of Crisis Core's best moments in HD, not everyone is quite so happy. The original Crisis Core had Zack Fair voiced by Rick Gomez but, in order to match up more closely with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Crisis Core Reunion has him voiced by Caleb Pierce.

This naturally means that the scene and line are a little bit different this time around. Most of the comments underneath the post seem to be pretty negative, saying things like "the way my smile dropped so fast when I heard his voice", and asking for people to replace the voice clip so that it matches the original.

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