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Final Fantasy 14: The Temple Of The Fist Dungeon Guide

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  • How To Unlock The Temple Of The Fist
  • Dungeon Walkthrough
  • Coeurl Sruti and Coeurl Smriti
  • Arbuda
  • Ivon Coeurlfist

The Temple of the Fist is a level 70 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood. This is an optional dungeon that can be accepted after completing the Stormblood main story. Your objective is to scale the cliffs of Rhalgr's Reach with the traveling researcher Marjorie to learn more about the ruins while strengthening your bond with Rhalgr the Destroyer, as the Monks of old once did.

Living up to the name of Rhalgr the Destroyer, this dungeon has some difficult bosses waiting to be bested. Grab your closest allies, or just some people you've gathered off the street, and enter The Temple of the Fist. Let's take a detailed look at each boss in this dungeon and how to beat them.

How To Unlock The Temple Of The Fist

The Temple of the Fist is unlocked through the following side quest. You will need to be level 70 and have completed the Main Scenario Quest 'Stormblood'.

  • Accept the quest 'To Kill a Coeurl'
    • NPC Location: Ortwin – Rhalgr's Reach (X:12.9, Y:12.8)

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    In the first section of this dungeon, you will come across Moss Barriers. When these are destroyed, multiple moss enemies will emerge from the wall and join the fight. The Tank should be sure to pick these up when they appear. Additionally, moss clumps will appear along the path as you progress. Walking on top of one of these will cause it to explode, dealing damage and inflicting the Resin debuff, slowing movement speed. Avoid walking over the moss clumps as you move through the section before the first boss.

    Later in the dungeon, between the first and second bosses, you will need to dodge your way through moving pillars. If you stand in front of one of these when it activates, it will deal damage and push you back slightly. Watch the timing of the pillars to dodge through this part of the dungeon.

    Finally, in the hallways between the second and third bosses, glowing orbs will float around the battlefield. When they reach your party, they will activate and begin charging a large AoE attack. Your party should be ready to move out of the way when the orbs draw closer.

    Coeurl Sruti and Coeurl Smriti

    The first bosses of the Temple of the Fist are Coeurl Sruti and Coeurl Smriti. The fight will begin with you facing Sruti alone, but Smriti will soon join the battle. When both Coeurls are on the field, they will use Radial Blaster and Wide Blaster at the same time, covering a majority of the arena in AoEs.

    • Radial Blaster: Sruti will use this attack. Deals damage in a large point-blank AoE surrounding Sruti. Move outside the AoE indicator to avoid.
    • Wide Blaster: Smriti will use this attack. Deals damage in a wide cone to the front of Smriti. Move behind the boss to avoid.
    • Basic Instinct: When one of the Coeurls dies, the surviving one will cast this buff, increasing damage dealt. Then, they add the following two attacks to their rotation.
      • Electric Burst: Deals high damage to all party members. Recover with AoE healing.
      • Heat Lightning: Targets players with AoE markers. Spread out to avoid overlapping these AoEs.
      • To avoid taking too much damage from Electric Burst, you should try to kill both Coeurls at the same time. This will ensure neither of them cast Basic Instinct, meaning less damage for you to heal through.


      The second boss of the Temple of the Fist is Arbuda. This golem used for testing speed will definitely live up to its purpose. Arbuda's attacks and mechanics are listed below.

      • Cardinal Shift: Deals damage to all players. Use AoE healing to recover.
      • Port and Star: Deals damage to the left and right sides of Arbuda. Stand in front of or behind the boss to avoid.
      • Fore and Aft: Deals damage to the front and back of Arbuda. Stand to either side of the boss to avoid.
      • Fourfould Shear: Deals moderate damage four times to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns as necessary.

      • Hellseal: Arbuda will place a Sun and Moon marker on the ground, while also inflicting all players with either Sunseal or Moonseal. Move to the matching marker on the arena to avoid taking damage.
      • Tapas: Targets all players with three sets of circle AoEs. Spread out to avoid overlapping these, while also keeping in mind that this attack will occur during Port and Star and Fore and Aft. Watch your position relative to the boss while you dodge the AoEs.
      • Killer Instinct: Arbuda will grant itself a positional parry buff that lasts for five seconds. Attacking from the sides the boss is currently parrying will knock you back slightly and deal damage. Watch carefully to determine which sides are unsafe and position yourself accordingly.

      As the fight progresses, Arbuda will overlap these attacks with increased frequency. You'll need to mind your position at all times while quickly moving around the arena, and watch when the boss uses its directional-based attacks while avoiding Tapas and Hellseal.

      Ivon Coeurlfist

      The final boss of the Temple of the Fist is Ivon Coeurlfist. This ghostly monk will use the following attacks and mechanics.

      • Spirit Wave: Deals damage to all party members and places a tornado on a random player. The player who is targeted by the tornado should run out of it to avoid taking unnecessary damage. The tornado will persist on the arena for a while and should be avoided.
      • Hurricane Kick: Deals damage in a 270 degree cone to the front of the boss. Move behind or far away to avoid.
      • Touch of Slaughter: Targets a random player and marks them with a green marker. Then, Ivon will charge towards them, dealing damage equal to roughly 99 percent of the player's current health. The targeted player will need to carefully avoid other mechanics that occur at the same time while the healer restores their health.

      • Dragon Heads: Ivon will summon a wall of Dragon Heads at one edge of the arena. After a short delay, these will move in a straight line to the other side of the arena, dealing damage along the way. Find the gap between the Heads and move accordingly to avoid taking damage.
        • Later in the fight, the Dragon Heads may come from two adjacent edges, as seen in the image above. Watch their positions and move accordingly.
      • Silent Roar: A large line AoE targeted at a random player. Move outside the AoE to avoid.
      • Rhalgr's Piece: Ivon will place a proximity marker near one edge of the arena. Move as far away from it as possible to lower the amount of damage you take.
      • Rose of Destruction: Places a stack marker on a random player. Group up on the affected player to spread out the damage of this attack.
        • Furious Fist: Summons Chakra Orbs around the arena that will begin moving towards Ivon. If any orbs reach him, he will consume them, restoring a small amount of health and increasing the damage of Furious Fist. After all orbs have been absorbed, Ivon will launch Furious Fist, dealing damage to all party members.
          • To avoid dying to this attack, run through the summoned Chakra Orbs to absorb them instead of Ivon. This will instead grant you a stacking damage buff, and restore your health slightly.

          Ivon will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. As the fight progresses, these attacks will be used more frequently and will overlap with each other. As long as you gather up the Chakra Orbs before Ivon does, you should be able to make it through this fight.

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