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Final Fantasy 14 – The Hunt Guide

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There are many ways for you to spend your time in Final Fantasy 14, with climbing the ranks of your Grand Company being one of them. While it may be easy to ignore your Grand Company as you progress through the MSQ or unlock end game content, it cannot get overstated how important your Grand Company actually is.

Leveling your Grand Company rank up can give you many different rewards and loads of EXP, making it useful for power-leveling new Jobs or helping cut down the experience needed for the higher levels. One of the best things you can do through your Grand Company is participating in Hunts, which can net you unmatchable EXP.


Before unlocking The Hunt in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, you must first meet a few requirements in your Grand Company. Accessing The Hunt will require the same steps, whether you're part of the Maelstrom, Twin Adders, or Immortal Flames. Just be sure to head to the Grand Company Hall you chose to advance your progress.

To gain access to Hunts, you will have to first reach the rank of Second Lieutenant in your respective Grand Company. If you find it hard to level up your Grand Company or need to know the requirements for obtaining Second Lieutenant, you can see that information below.

Second Lieutenant Requirements

  • Complete "Hunting Log: Rank 2"
  • Complete "Guilding the Bilious" Subquest
  • 9,000 Company Seals

How To Earn Grand Company Seals

  • Hunting Logs
  • Expert Deliveries
    • Must be Sergeant Second Class
  • Supply and Provisioning
  • Daily Level Roulette
  • FATEs
  • Grand Company Levequests
  • If you are trying to level your Grand Company rank, don't spend your Company Seals on equipment or items. Instead, talk to your Grand Company Personnel Officer and ask for a promotion. You will then turn your Company Seals in to achieve a higher rank.

    Let The Hunt Begin

    Once you reach Second Lieutenant in your Grand Company, the subquest "Let the Hunt Begin" will become available in your Grand Company Hall, which will give you the ability to use the Hunt Board to retrieve Mark Bills. Mark Bills will provide you with the list of targets you must dispatch, along with their location and payout.

    Regular Marked Bills

    Regular Marked Bills primarily refer to the common enemies found in Eorzea and are on a daily reset timer. The time for the daily reset is 08:00 AM (PST) or 11:00 AM (EST). You will get Allied Seals for completing Regular Marked Bills. You can then turn in your Allied Seals to the Hunt Billmaster found in your Grand Company Hall.

    Elite Marked Bills

    Ranked Marks have their own tiered system based on how dangerous they will be to take down. Elite Marked Bills are stronger, more fierce enemies you must track down under specific conditions and are more challenging than Regular Marks. This tier system ranges from B to SS, though SS tier is only available in Shadowbringers and onward. Furthermore, Elite Marks reset weekly, unlike the Regular Marks. B ranking Elite Marks will reset every Tuesday at 01:00 AM (PST) or 04:00 AM (EST). However, A and S Elite Marks are on a "kill on sight" basis with no daily/weekly reset.

    RewardB TierA TierS Tier
    Allied SealsN/A40100
    Allagan Tomestone of PoeticsN/A30100
    Centurio SealsN/A2050
    Allagan Tomestone of AphorismN/A1030

    Additional Elite Mark Information

    While the B Tier Elite Marks won't give you any rewards directly, you are allowed to hunt them to complete your Weekly Elite Mark Bill challenge, which will provide you with 5,000 Gil and 100 Allied Seals. You won't get anything from completing these Hunts from that point onward.

    S Tiered hunts require specific events to trigger their appearance, which can happen at various times throughout the day. Each tier Elite Mark has its own respawn timer and potential spawn locations. Below is the complete list of each possible Elite Mark location.

    Elite Mark: Tier B

    Mark NameTierRegionRespawn Timer
    Albin the AshenBSouthern Thanalan5 Seconds
    BarbastelleBLower La Noscea5 Seconds
    Bloody MaryBEastern La Noscea5 Seconds
    Dark HelmetBWestern La Noscea5 Seconds
    Flame Sergeant DalvagBNorthern Thanalan5 Seconds
    GatlingBEastern Thanalan5 Seconds
    Leech KingBMor Dhona5 Seconds
    Monarch OgreflyBSouth Shroud5 Seconds
    MyradroshBUpper La Noscea5 Seconds
    NaulBCoerthas Central Highlands5 Seconds
    OvjangBCentral Thanalan5 Seconds
    PhecdaBNorth Shroud5 Seconds
    Sewer SyrupBWestern Thanalan5 Seconds
    Skrogs FruBMiddle La Noscea5 Seconds
    Stinging SophieBEastern Shroud5 Seconds
    VuokhoBOuter La Noscea5 Seconds
    White JokerBCentral Shroud5 Seconds

    Elite Mark: Tier A

    Mark NameTierRegionRespawn Timer
    AlectryonAWestern Thanalan3-5 Hours
    CornuAOuter La Noscea3-5 Hours
    Dalvag's Final FlameANorthern Thanalan4-5 Hours
    ForneusACentral Shroud3-5 Hours
    Ghede Ti MaliceASouth Shroud3-5 Hours
    GirtabANorth Shroud3-5 Hours
    HellsclawAEastern La Noscea3-5 Hours
    KurreaAMor Dhona3-5 Hours
    MaahesAEastern Thanalan3-5 Hours
    MarberryAUpper La Noscea4-5 Hours
    MarracoACoerthas Central Highlands3-5 Hours
    MeltAEastern Shroud3-5 Hours
    NahnAWestern La Noscea3-5 Hours
    Sabotender BailarinaACentral Thanalan4-5 Hours
    UnktehiALower La Noscea3-5 Hours
    Vogaal JaAMiddle La Noscea3-5 Hours
    Zanig'ohASouthern Thanalan3-5 Hours

    Elite Mark: Tier S

    Mark NameTierEvent TriggerRegionRespawn Timer
    Agrippa The MightySTreasure MapsMor Dhona
    • 60-84 Hours
      • Maintenance: 36-51 Hours
    BonnaconSWhen harvesting La Noscean Leeks (8-11 AM Eorzea Time)Western La Noscea
    • 65-75 Hours
      • Maintenance: 39-45 Hours
    BrontesSConsuming food at spawn points.Central Thanalan
    • 66-78 Hours
      • Maintenance: 39-47 Hours
    ChernobogSA player dies in the area.Outer La Noscea
    • 65-71 Hours
      • Maintenance: 39-43 Hours
    CroakadileSDuring a full moon, traverse the spawn points.Lower La Noscea
    • 50 Hours
      • Maintenance: 30 Hours
    Croque-MitaineSWhen mining Grade 3 La Noscean Topsoil (7-10 PM Eorzea Time)Middle La Noscea
    • 65-75 Hours
      • Maintenance: 39-45 Hours
    LaideronnetteSWill spawn 6 seconds into the second rain shower.Central Shroud
    • 42-48 Hours
      • Maintenance: 25-29 Hours
    LampalaguaSStart a Battlecraft LeveEastern Thanalan
    • 66-78 Hours
      • Maintenance: 39-47 Hours
    MindflayerSDuring a new moon, traverse the spawns at 0:00 Eorzea Time.South Shroud
    • 50 Hours
      • Maintenance: 30 Hours
    MinhocaoSAfter defeating 100 Earth SpritesNorthern Thanalan
    • 57-63 Hours
      • Maintenance: 34-38 Hours
    NandiSWith your minion out, traverse the spawn points.Upper La Noscea
    • 47-53 Hours
      • Maintenance: 28-32 Hours
    NunyunuwiSComplete every FATE in the zone for an hour straight.Southern Thanalan
    • 44-54 Hours
      • Maintenance: 26-33 Hours
    SafatSJump off cliffs, dropping your HP to 1.Coerthas Central Highlands
    • 60-84 Hours
      • Maintenance: 36-51 Hours
    The GarlokSAfter its random timer expires, it will enter the region. However, if it rains, it will get put to sleep, delaying its appearance by 200 minutes.Eastern La Noscea
    • 42-48 Hours
      • Maintenance: 21-29 Hours
    Thousand-cast ThedaSCatch a Judgeray while fishing at 5-9 PMNorth Shroud
    • 57-63 Hours
      • Maintenance: 34-38 Hours
    WulgaruSStart a Battlecraft LeveEastern Shroud
    • 66-78 Hours
      • Maintenance: 39-47 Hours
    Zona SeekerSCatch a Glimmerscale while fishingWestern Thanalan
    • 57-63 Hours
      • Maintenance: 34-38 Hours

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