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Final Fantasy 14 Players Debate The Best Way To Eat An Egg

The popular content creator Mrhappy1227 recently noted on Twitter how the new Eat Egg emote in Final Fantasy 14 looks a little bit awkward, setting off a frenzy of speculation within the community about the best way to cook and eat an egg.

The developer behind Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix, announced Hatching Tide last week, releasing a series of screenshots including one that features a Lalafell holding what seems to be a hardboiled egg with only part of its shell removed. As many have pointed out, the current emote in the game has players popping a whole egg into their mouth, suggesting that more than a few shells will be consumed during the event.

“This seems like an incredibly impractical way to eat an egg,” Mrhappy1227 said on Twitter. “Have to bite around the egg, can't season it properly, and the yolk might be too far in to really reach. All to use the shell as a cup.” The content creator went on to say that “I did this just as an excuse to soft and hardboil a few eggs,” but their followers were already up in arms.

“Just gotta season it twice,” one reply noted. “Once for the first bite and once when you hit the yoke. We getting a seasoning emote yet?” Someone else went on to ask if “y’all don’t eat the egg bone?” This was followed up with “mmm, egg bone” by another commenter.

Some of the responses were more humorous than others. Many resorted to puns. “What an eggsellent point,” a person remarked before being corrected by somebody who said “you mean eggshellent point. Double pun all the way.”

There were a few comments which took to technicalities like whether or not the egg was actually supposed to be softboiled. Mrhappy1227 was even asked if this could in fact be a ramen egg. “Would have to only be partially marinated given the amount of white present,” the content creator responded. “Also, I can't imagine carrying around a softboiled egg.”

In addition to sparking a debate on Twitter, Mrhappy1227 released a video on YouTube. This dives into the details of how best to eat an egg. “If the egg yolk isn't right on the inside, maybe it's too thick of a white, then you can't even reach the yolk and that's like the best part of a hardboiled egg," Mrhappy1227 noted.

The comments on YouTube were every bit as coy and clever as those on Twitter. “Eating the shell at the bottom while staring at your sworn enemy is obviously an overwhelming display of dominance. Especially with that smug face,” one commenter pointed out. “I love getting different eating emotes, but eating the shell is just a power move,” someone else added.

Hatching Tide launches on April 13 and concludes on April 27, 2022. The event features a minion along with several items and of course the controversial Eat Egg emote.

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