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Final Fantasy 14: Island Sanctuary Guide

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  • How To Unlock And Access Island Sanctuary
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As part of Patch 6.2, the highly anticipated Island Sanctuary content has been added to Final Fantasy 14, allowing players to have their own little slice of paradise in the Cieldalaes region. There, you'll be able to create your own little farm, raising crops and animals, collecting various materials and resources, building accommodations, and more.

There are a host of special items and rewards that will only be available from Island Sanctuary, including some adorable mandragora mounts, so it's time for some fun on the farm. This guide will cover everything you need to know.

This guide is a work in progress and we will continue to update it as new information is discovered.

How To Unlock And Access Island Sanctuary

In order to unlock Island Sanctuary, you have to accept the 'Seeking Sanctuary' quest from the Clueless Crier in Old Sharlayan at (X:11.9, YY:11.0). You must be level one or above and have completed the main scenario quest 'Endwalker'.

How To Access Your Island Sanctuary

Once unlocked, you can travel to your island sanctuary at any time by speaking to Baldin at Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Nosecea at (X:24.9, Y:34.8).

You can leave your island at any time by either using Return or Teleport, or interacting with the boat at (X:9.2, Y:28.3).

How To Visit Other Player's Islands

Up to 16 players can explore any one island at a time, and players can visit the islands of friends, free company members, and party members, but only providing that the person in question has enabled access and is present on the island.

To visit someone else's island, you must speak with Baldin in Lower La Nosecea at (X:24.9, Y:34.8). You cannot do crafting or gathering when visiting someone else's island.

You can visit other player's islands after completing the main scenario quest 'The Ultimate Weapon', and it does not matter if you have not yet unlocked your own island.

Any players inactive in the island sanctuary area for more than 30 minutes will automatically be moved to Lower La Nosecea.

How To Invite Other Players To Your Island

You must complete the initial tasks from Felicitious Furball and create your Cozy Cabin before you are able to enable access for visitors.

Once you have done that, you can press the Settings icon in your Islekeep's Index menu to choose who you wish to allow on your island: friends, free company members, and party members.

The Basics

Complete the starter tasks for Felicitous Furball to get an introduction to the basics of the Island Sanctuary content.

Though the island involves crafting and gathering, you do not need to have any experience with crafter/gatherer roles as the island mechanics work separately.

Your Islekeep's Index provides you with everything you need to know about the island, including access to your isleventory, the ability to change modes, logs of everything you have gathered, and more.

Sanctuary Rank Visions

You will accumulate island experience by doing certain activities on the island, and this, in turn, will increase your sanctuary rank. You'll unlock more features the higher your rank is.

Visions appear as objectives in your duty list, and completing these will earn you Seafarer's Cowries. Certain visions must be completed before you can increase your sanctuary rank past a certain level.


Change to Gather mode from the Islekeep's Index to begin gathering. Gathering points will sparkle to show where you can interact and will be displayed with blue icons on the minimap.

Crafting And Construction

From the crafting menu, you'll be able to craft a range of tools, items, and consumables to be used on your island. Unlike normal crafting in the game, these crafting recipes are always successful.

As you progress through the content, you'll be able to craft facilities too. You do this by interacting with crafting logboards once you have collected all of the necessary ingredients. New facilities will become available as your progress through the island content.

Once you've constructed the Workshop, all construction projects after that point will take a number of real-world hours to complete.

Facilities can be moved by accessing the logboard and choosing 'Move facility. The Cozy Cabin cannot be moved.

The Cropland

Once you have unlocked the Cropland, you can plant seeds in empty plots.

Go into Sow mode, select your chosen seeds in the item selection (next to the mode button), and then interact with the plots to plant the seeds. Change to Water mode and then interact with the plot to water your seeds.

Crops take time and water to grow properly. Fortunately, crops will be considered watered if it rains. Once your crops are ready, you can gather them in gather mode or use Cull mode to clear them away.


Once you've unlocked the Pasture, you'll have access to the Makeshift Net crafting recipe and can capture animals using Capture mode and selecting the appropriate restraint.

Once animals are captured, they will automatically be transferred to the Pasture.

Different animals require different restraint items in order to capture them, and not all capture attempts are successful.

Animals in the Pasture must be fed by entering Feed mode and selecting an appropriate item.

Feeding animals makes them happier, which, in turn, means they will reward you with 'Leavings'. You can collect this in Gather mode.

An animal's mood will worsen if it is hungry, and it may even become hostile. While you can pet and beckon to your animals, this has no effect on their mood.

You can speak to the Creature Comforter near your Pasture and access the Pasture Management menu to see how content each animal is. You can also choose to nickname and release animals from this menu.

You'll unlock three different types of feed recipes for your animals.

Island Sweetfeed
  • 3x Island Apple
Improves animal's mood by one level and maxes out at the level of 'Content'.
Island Greenfeed
  • 2x [Island Produce You Have Grown]
Improves an animal's mood by two levels and maxes out at the level of 'Chipper'.
Premium Island Greenfeed
  • 2x [Island Produce You Have Grown]
  • 2x [Island Produce You Have Grown]
Improves an animal's mood by two levels and maxes out at the level of 'Gleeful'.

Releasing Minions

You can release minions to wander around your Island Sanctuary and set them designated areas in which to roam. You can release one of each type of minion, with a maximum total of 40 minions being allowed to explore your island at any one time.

Summoning a minion to your side that is currently roaming the island will recall it from the island.

Earning Cowries And Island Sanctuary Rewards

You'll earn two types of Cowries during your adventures on your island.

  • Seafarer's Cowries are earned by realizing Visions, developing the island, and performing different tasks. You can also earn these by using the Workshop to sell items the mammets make and from completing weekly challenges via the Challenge Log.
  • Islander's Cories are earned by selling materials in your isleventory to the Enterprising Exporter NPC in your Cozy Cabin.

Available Rewards

Speak to the Horrendous Hoarder in your Cozy Cabin at (X:12.6, Y:28.4) to spend your Cowries.

Seafarer's Cowries Rewards

ItemPrice (Seafarer's Cowries)
Isle Explorer's Hat 2,000
Isle Explorer's Shirt3,000
Isle Explorer's Leather Halfgloves2,000
Isle Explorer's Trousers3,000
Isle Explorer's Culottes3,000
Isle Explorer's Boots2,000
Island Mandragora (Mount)12,000
Island Onion Prince (Mount)12,000
Island Eggplant Knight (Mount)12,000
Felicitous Fuzzball (Minion)4,000
Bluepowder Pixie Wings (Accessory)6,000
Modern Aesthetics – Tall Tails (Hairstyle)6,000
Modern Aesthetics – Practical Ponytails (Hairstyle)6,000
A Quiet Moment Orchestrion Roll4,000
Island Paradise Orchestrion Roll4,000
Chocobo Stables Essentials (Furnishing)1,000
Farmer's Straw Bed (Furnishing)1,000
Coconut Water (Furnishing)1,000
Isle Pioneer's Barding4,000
Fieldcracker x10 (Consumable)20
Hi-Cordial (Consumable)60
Ruby Red Dye500

Islander's Cowries Rewards

ItemPrice (Islander's Cowries)
Fieldcracker x10 (Consumable)50
Glamour Dispeller150
Glamour Prism150
Hi-Cordial (Consumable)150
Gatherer's Guerdon Materia IX1,750
Gatherer's Guerdon Materia X3,500
Gatherer's Guile Materia IX1,750
Gatherer's Guile Materia X3,500
Gatherer's Grasp Materia IX1,750
Gatherer's Grasp Materia X3,500
Craftsman's Competence Materia IX1,750
Craftsman's Competence Materia X3,500
Craftsman's Cunning Materia IX1,750
Craftsman's Cunning Materia X3,500
Craftsman's Command Materia IX1,750
Craftsman's Command Materia X3,500

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