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FIFA Players Hit Back As FUT Versus Promo Ends A Day Early

It looks like FIFA 22 has ended its Christmas celebrations very quietly, as players aren't getting the advertised FUT Ice cards when they open packs. This is despite the event being intended to last a whole extra day, with no update mentioning that it will end 24 hours earlier than what EA announced.

This was spotted by Twitch streamer runthefutmarket, who started getting Gold cards rather than members of the Ice squad. The FIFA support account is yet to respond to the issue, and fans are hitting back as they aren't getting the cards they hoped to receive when they purchased the packs.

Many in the replies share screenshots from their game, showing that they're not getting the Ice cards that were advertised. These players are calling on EA to offer some form of compensation, either through free gifts, refunds, or by awarding them the Ice cards they're meant to be receiving now.

The Ice cards began circulation on December 13, and were meant to continue appearing in packs until tomorrow, December 17. They follow on from the Fire squad that went live December 10, before wrapping up on December 13. It's not yet known why the holiday event has seemed to end prematurely, as there is no developer response at the time of writing.

FIFA 22 launched October 11, and is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

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