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FIFA 21 reveal trailer contains hidden secrets about new features says producer


The official reveal trailer for FIFA 21 apparently contains some hints towards the game’s new features, but what could they possibly be?

While FIFA 21 was announced last month, it had to share a trailer with Madden 21, and we didn’t really get to see any actual gameplay.

More recently, EA revealed the game’s rather ugly box art, with French player and World Cup winner Kylian Mbappé as the cover star, and we now have a trailer focused solely on the game.

It admittedly doesn’t reveal too much, mostly consisting of live action segments of key footballers, and what gameplay we do see looks like what you’d normally expect from a new FIFA title.

But producer Gilliard Lopes has implied that the seemingly simple trailer actually provides hints towards some of the game’s new features.

One fan commented on Lopes’ Twitter post with some suggestions as to what these could be, highlighting a section where Liverpool player Trent-Alexander Arnold kicks a ball at a practice bin and misses, prompting the video to rewind and allow him a second chance.

The theory is that this could be hinting at some kind of rewind feature, allowing you to retake a missed goal or similar. Similar concepts are used in some racing sims and the fan wonders if that means the overall act of scoring will be harder than usual in FIFA 21.

Around the 29 second mark, we can also see some green arrows on the ground, highlighting the direction a computer-controlled player is about to move in. The fan suspects that you will be able to take control of a second player and have them move into a better position for you to send the ball to.

We also caught a very brief moment around the 34 second mark where it shifts into a first person view. Could this be indicating a first person option for playing the game?

That’s probably unlikely and was only done for the sake of the trailer, but it’d certainly be an interesting addition that could provide a new kind of challenge for players.

With the game set to launch in a few months’ time, it won’t be long till we find out for sure. In fact, the official website states that reveals regarding gameplay, career mode, and more will take place in August.

FIFA 21 will release on 9 October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is also scheduled to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia at later dates.


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