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Far Cry 6 Not Being "Political" Receives A Mixed, Confused Reception Online

Yesterday, we reported that Ubisoft doesn’t want to make a “political statement” with Far Cry 6, despite taking inspiration from real-world Cuban guerrilla fighters. This generated a lot of buzz online, as many wondered how it’s possible to keep a game apolitical when drawing upon real-life political events and imagery.

Speaking to TheGamer narrative director Navid Khavari explained, “Our game doesn’t want to make a political statement about what’s happening in Cuba”, yet admitted the team will be very open about their political inspirations, such as interviewing actual guerrilla fighters.

Both games media figures and fans were quick to respond. Indie developer Rami Ismail sarcastically quipped, “Listen all Ubisoft is saying is guerrilla warfare is cool and that says nothing about politics.” Meanwhile, Washington Post games reporter, Gene Park, called the statement “cowardly”. He accused Far Cry 6 of, “exploit[ing] and dress[ing] up political situations for financial gain.”

The fan response to our original Tweet was mostly confused. A reply from @SeriousAverage asks, “Gotta wonder why Ubisoft keeps walking themselves into political settings, knowing full well they’re gonna have to deny their political implications.” Another from @JoshAndHisJokes says, “Ubisoft too wuss to ever say anything with their games, ever”. Generally, there appears to be a worry that Ubisoft will “both sides” real political events like the Cuban revolution, and thus hold back its narrative potential.

It wasn’t all negative, however. In a lengthy post on r/farcry, Redditor blackshark99 said, “We do not care about politics in these games. I want to shoot the bad guys and have fun, that is all. I do not want to be lectured about why a dictatorship is bad or why too much power corrupts when I already know this things [sic]”. Elsewhere, other Reddit users interpret the quote differently, claiming that this doesn’t mean the game won’t explore its own internal politics, it just won’t directly make a point about real events in Cuba.

Whatever your take is on the Fay Cry 6 debate, you can check out our gameplay preview below. Fans got a first look at what to expect from the latest instalment yesterday, ahead of its October 7 2021 release date.

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