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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Is Being Remastered As Part Of The Far Cry 6 Season Pass

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is getting remastered as part of Far Cry 6’s Season Pass.

The announcement came as a small tease at the end of the Far Cry 6 Season Pass. Towards the end of the trailer, it says “also including” and shows the Blood Dragon logo.

No other details were announced about the remaster or the Season Pass, and there is no set date for any of the content included. Ubisoft included a remaster of Far Cry 3 with the Season Pass for Far Cry 5, so it can be presumed that it will release alongside the main game.

The official description for the season pass says that it will be “fully loaded in a Classic Edition”. Players will also get a set of Blood Dragon items for use in Far Cry 6’s campaign, including an outfit, weapons, a vehicle, a weapon charm, a vehicle chibi and a fang for hire. Fangs for hire are the companions for the game, so we could potentially see one of the game’s enemies as a companion.


It hasn’t been confirmed whether Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will be available separately from the Season Pass, although Far Cry 3’s remaster was made available, so it’s probably safe to assume the same here.

In more Far Cry news, Ubisoft showcased a new story trailer for the game, as well as confirming the leak that the Season Pass DLC will let you play as the villains from previous games.

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