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Fans Have Theories About Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3’s Name

Final Fantasy fans have theories on what the name of the third part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake might be.

Earlier in the week, the Final Fantasy 7 25th anniversary stream revealed the name and release window for the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, now subtitled Rebirth. Importantly, it also revealed that the Remake will be made up of three parts, revealing that the third is also in development and has a name, but one that won't be announced just yet.

This has led Final Fantasy fans to start trying to predict what the third game might be called, based on the clues we already have and the established pattern from the current slate of Final Fantasy 7 projects. The most important established rule is that it seemingly has to start with "Re", considering Remake and Rebirth both do, and even the Crisis Core remaster Reunion does as well, setting a clear theme.

Final Fantasy fan and translator aitaikiomochi has a few different theories for what the name could be, including "Redemption, Requiem, Rewritten, Resolution, and Revolution", all words starting with "Re" and most following along with the same theme.

She goes further in her theory by looking into the Japanese wordplay for the title, explaining, "Thinking about this further, I think a title that would make a LOT of sense (Japanese wordplay included) is: Final Fantasy VII Return. リターン (ターン = turn the clock? return the timeline?). I assume it has to be short to be stylized in the same way as the first 2 titles."

Another good theory from aitaikiomochi is Rewrite, "Another possible short English word that in Japanese katakana may also have double meanings is "Rewrite" リライト (rewrite or re-light). Rewrite the timeline? Relight the way to banish the dark, perhaps? It's a bit too Kingdom Hearts-y though, but this is just speculation".

Some other suggested titles include Rebuild. Revive, Reverse, and Remember. Pretty much every word starting with those two letters has been suggested and, honestly, they could all end up being right. Most of them are basing the name both on the fact that the title has to start in a specific way, and through guessing that certain spoiler-y events from the original game are still going to happen to one of the characters and presumably be undone by the core cast.

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