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Fan-Made Fallout: New Vegas Expansion Teaser Drops With Drivable Vehicles

Fallout 4 has been out for some time now and Obsidian’s spiritual successor, The Outer Worlds, is available on all platforms, but that isn’t stopping fans from expanding on the beloved New Vegas. After dropping on Steam with a vague TBA, The Frontier finally has a concrete release date of January 2021 with new features to boot, including drivable cars.

This DLC-sized expansion features a new world space that is similar in size to the DC wasteland of Fallout 3 alongside 3 major questlines – one for the NCR, the Legion, and the Crusaders of Steel. The Frontier features 24,000 unique lines of voiced dialogue and plenty of side quests.

However, what seems to have most people excited about this new fan-made expansion is its inclusion of drivable vehicles, something that Fallout fans have been wanting for a long time now. It’s not in the base game – it’s not even in the sequel – but The Frontier has implemented it. Sure, car mods have existed in the past, but they’ve often been janky and fiddly.

Its perfect timing for The Frontier as the new landmass that can be explored is the snowy Portland Oregon with recognizable landmarks ready for looting in all their post-apocalyptic beauty. Driving around in the snow should be a fun venture, especially considering that the devs have confirmed that enemies will have their own vehicles, whether it’s their on-land ones or their aerial crafts that will be used in dogfights.

The cars in the trailer even seem to have mounted turrets, meaning you’ll be able to drive down the snowy streets of Portland mowing down all who dare cross your path. Not only does it feature repaired, up-and-running cars, but there are new UI elements that feel right at home with the old Fallout engine, showing off your health and speed.

The mod drops on Steam, free of charge, in the new year, launching January 2021. All you need is Fallout: New Vegas and all of its DLC and you can head to Oregon, drive some cars, and butt heads with the baddies of the new storyline.

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