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Fallout Quest Mod Adds A Mole Rat Taxi Service, Another Faction, And New Settlement

Getting around the Mojave in Fallout: New Vegas is a bit too easy once you've come across enough locations. As much as patrolling it may make you wish for a nuclear winter, you don't really end up patrolling it much at all by the mid-point of the game, especially once you've found New Vegas. So why not make fast travelling more exciting?

Transporters – Immersive Fast Travel on Nexus Mods does just this – introducing a Mole Rat taxi service. Yes, you read that correctly. The mod, which adds a whole new faction and quest, also gives you access to the unorthodox method of transportation. The service may not come cheap, but it makes for a much more wacky and still lore-friendly way to get around the desert.

"Immersively overhaul your fast-travel experience everywhere you go with Transporters!", reads the mod's description, introducing the new faction. "[The] mod implements an alternative to fast-travel, adds a new faction, a new settlement, a quest, and… Moleholes?"

The all-new Transporters faction is described as being "one of the oldest" groups in the West Coast. Originating from tribals, they have long been able to tame Mole Rats and use them as a form of transportation. They share the benefits of this skill with outsiders, albeit for a fee, of course.

The mod doesn't just add more immersive way to fast travel. 300 lines of voiced dialogue have been added too, fleshing the new faction out. You also get the new settlement of Pueblo Manifesto, which is where the Transporters are based. Here, you'll find a merchant and a side quest.

The mod is compatible with the popular Tale of Two Wastelands, and all of New Vegas' DLC expansions. You can even travel to locations exclusive to the DLC, with separate immersive methods of fast travel written for their settings.

This is far from the only mod that increases immersion that's available to New Vegas players. As we covered recently, another modder made it possible for you to actually be a Courier. Whenever you take a delivery job, you also won't be able to simply fast travel your way to the drop-off point. However, it's a good, honest way to make some caps. Possibly the only honest way to make money in the Mojave.

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