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Fallout Fans Share The Items They Can’t Help But Steal

Fallout 3 and New Vegas have pretty straightforward morality systems, giving you good karma for selfless deeds and bad karma for selfish ones. With any morality system, most of us will probably go for the good option unless you're someone who chooses chaos on a daily basis. Scavenging the Wastelands and helping out travellers in need is one of the best part about Fallout, although you're definitely lying if you say there isn't at least one sin you've commited whilst trying to be a goody two shoes.

There are far too many valuable weapons and items simply laying around across both games, constantly making you consider whether the item is worth the bad karma. Fallout fans have been sharing the items they find far too tempting on the game's Reddit page, first started by u/Revenant62 who couldn't help but pinch the Brahmin Wellington recipe from the Ultra Deluxe due to how much they think it puts them above the rest of society.

It's not just recipes either, as two people mention that they can't help but steal a rifle called the La Longue Carabine whenever they get the chance. What make this particular case of theft even worse is that it's carried by an NCR soldier called Corporal Sterling, meaning you risk irritating an entire faction if you're caught lifting it from his person. I'm not sure attempting to steal from an armed soldier is a good idea, but it really drives home the worth of the weapon.

Of course, you could just kill him and take the rifle, but you risk more than just irritating the NCR if you do that. However, murder doesn't bother u/Aijin28 and a bunch of other absolute savages, who always ruthlessly gun down the poor confused samurai you meet in Fallout 3's Mothership Zeta DLC, all because he's kitted out in a spiffy set of armor and has a pretty cool katana. At least they'll be put to good use, I guess.

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