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Fallout 76 Camp: How To Make Two-Sided Wallpaper

Bethesda’s Fallout 76 has made great strides in terms of extra content since its release. In early 2021, it was announced that players would be able to make new Camps without having to entirely take apart their old ones.

Camps are little bases of operations. Many have adored the chance to decorate these little areas and create inspired works of art in the wasteland. They also have to be practical, though, and of course, you’ll need to determine where the best place to settle down will be. This short guide will teach you how to add wallpaper to both sides of a Camp wall.

The Problem With Camp Walls In Fallout 76

The problem is that, when building in Fallout 76, you can’t put wallpaper on both sides of a wall.

One side is designed to be an inside-facing wall where you can decorate and the other side is designed to face out of the house.

This could be solved if you were able to just place another wall piece right behind it, but the interface won’t allow you to snap a wall piece into place right next to another wall. However, there is a workaround.

The Solution To Mismatched Camp Walls In Fallout 76

The solution rests very simply in the doorways.

Use a doorway wall for all the sections that you want to feature wallpaper on both sides of.

Then head to the other side and try to add another doorway wall on the other side of it.

You’ll notice that the interface will allow you to snap a doorway wall into place there, even though you couldn’t do that with ordinary walls.

Unfortunately, double walls do take up a lot of your budget – but it’s the only known fix for this problem.

Now that these walls are in place, simply go into the Editing function and change both sides of your walls back into wall pieces. The game won’t stop you or move them out of place.

Finally, add your desired wallpaper and enjoy!

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