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Fallout 4: Guide To Recruiting Old Longfellow

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Fans of the Fallout franchise praise Fallout 4 for many features, one of the most notable of which is its companion system, which features over a dozen unique companions to meet and recruit. There's a lot of variety within the companion pool, everything from a Super Mutant to a loyal dog.

Old Longfellow is the new companion you encounter in the Far Harbor DLC, and there's quite a lot to discover about him if you take the time to get to know him. Below you can find out how to recruit Old Longfellow, who he is, and how to gain his perk.

Who Is Old Longfellow?

Old Longfellow is a man living on the Island near the Sole Survivor's entrance to Far Harbor. He lives close to Far Harbor, although his home is in a location outside the actual town. Old Longfellow is a powerful survivor, and although it may not be immediately clear, he's one of the strongest characters in the DLC.

How To Recruit Old Longfellow

Recruiting Old Longfellow is much easier than gaining the aid of the companions in the Commonwealth. Once you land on the Island, you need to go inside The Last Plank, which is a building on the dock in the town of Far Harbor. There are only a few buildings in the small town, so you can't miss this location. Old Longfellow will be waiting inside this tavern, where you can greet him and enter into a conversation.

After you converse for a bit, Old Longfellow will agree to escort you to Acadia. After reaching the location, Old Longfellow will become a permanent companion, and you can take him with you on your adventurers across the Island. You can also bring Old Longfellow back to the Commonwealth if you so choose, although he doesn't have many lines of unique dialogue for quests and locations outside the Island.

How To Unlock Old Longfellow's Perk

Like every other companion in Fallout 4, Old Longfellow offers you a unique follower perk if you increase your affinity with him. You can do this by partaking in actions that the hunter considers favorable, including picking locks and drinking alcohol. Consuming an alcoholic drink every once in a while when you travel with Old Longfellow is the easiest way to increase your relationship. Make sure to pick locks if you see them on the Island as well.

The most notable thing you shouldn't do if you want to remain in good standing with Old Longfellow is assisting the Children Of Atom on the Island. Old Longfellow has a bad history with this faction, so assisting them may result in permanent damage to your relationship. You should also avoid murdering innocent people, stealing items, and taking chems.

Once you level up your affinity high enough and have a short conversation with Old Longfellow, he'll grant you the Hunter's Wisdom perk, which reduces the damage and energy resistances of animals by 25 percent.

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