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Fallen Legion Revenants – How To Defeat The Bonesnapper

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Fallen Legion Revenants can be a difficult game. Basic enemies can be tricky, parry timing is fairly tight, and let’s be honest, the game isn’t as responsive as you’d want it to be. That being said, the game is inherently fair thanks to the incredibly generous retry system in place – especially when fighting the game's many, many bosses.

We say this because Fallen Legion Revenants is also prone to the occasional difficulty spike. Spriggan, for example, can be monstrous on your first attempt. Well, Chapter Two holds an even harder boss that is more than happy to banish you into the void. The beast-of-a-man we are talking about is The Bonesnapper. Even his name sounds nasty.

Bonesnapper’s Attacks

Bonesnapper doesn’t have many attacks that are truly unique to him, however, all of his attacks are incredibly dangerous and deal a staggering amount of damage. Not only that, but Boneripper, despite only having one “phase”, gets substantially more dangerous as the fight goes on. This fight can go from a sure-fire win to a crushing defeat in seconds.

ThrustBonesnapper leaps into range and then thrusts his weapon forward. This attack often combos into Overhead StrikeYou have seen variations of the move before – specifically with the basic spear-totting enemies. The timing is very simple – just Parry it. Since it combines with other attacks, don’t be overzealous when you counterattack.
Overhead StrikeBonesnapper delivers a powerful overhead strike.This attack is also more-or-less a copy of a basic enemy attack. The timing is just as simple. Providing this is the second attack in sequence, you are free to go all out and counterattack as Bonesnapper will not combo into a third attack.
Revenant ExplosionAs Bonesnapper loses HP, he will start to attack Rowena. He will conjure a small purple orb directly on Rowena and after an incredibly short delay (substantially shorter than Tormented Duke), it will explode, dealing damage to all Exemplars if Rowena is hit.This being a Revenant attack means you can’t block it at all, and instead, you need to move. This is easier said than done since the attack triggers so quickly. Your best bet is to be constantly moving to try and avoid it.
Snare SoilFunnily enough, this attack is probably Bonesnapper’s most dangerous. Bonesnapper traps Rowena and her Exemplars in webs preventing them from moving until the effect wears off.This attack can be avoided by not stepping into the trigger tile, however, we found that most of the time Bonesnapper casts this spell directly on the party causing it to trigger instantly. Like with Revenant Explosion, try to keep moving.
Recovery ExplosionAfter Bonesnapper recovers from a Stagger state, he lets off a powerful purple explosion at point-blank range. This attack deals heavy damage to any Exemplar in range.This is almost identical to the Tormented Dukes recovery attack, and it can be countered in the same way. The Parry window is incredibly generous if you want to try and block it. Alternatively, you can cancel your Rushdown early to avoid the attack completely.

Bonesnapper’s Mechanics

Unlike the other bosses in Chapter Two, Bonesnapper doesn’t have a Trance gimmick. Instead, Bonesnapper is just a pure brawler. His main trick is Snare Soil which can end the fight very quickly if Bonesnapper gets trigger-happy with his Revenant Explosion. Snare Soil traps your entire party and locks them in place, and since Rowena is also snared, she can’t avoid the explosion. If Bonesnapper does this attack repeatedly, your entire party could just straight up die.

To counter this, keep some mana back and use healing to try and offset some of the damage taken.

Which Exemplars To Use

Two Exemplars shine in this fight – Zulfiqar and Kali. This is because Bonesnapper is weak to Air/Electricity and both these Exemplars have access to powerful Air Deathblows. Kali in particular is excellent in this fight due to the power of her lightning trap.

Your third slot can go to anyone – although we would avoid Jacquine as her biggest draw, Tidal Wave, is resisted by Bonesnapper. This limits her usefulness.

Battle Strategy

Bonesnapper is a very tanky enemy. He has enough health to tank four – maybe five – Rushdowns. Not only that, but he is practically immune to damage when he is not staggered. Because of this, you need to be applying constant BP pressure. Kali and Zulfiqar are amazing at doing this with their Deathblows.

Remember that you may need Mana to survive Bonesnappers Soil Snare combo, so don’t go overboard with the Deathblows. They are very powerful, but it is very possible to Break Bonesnapper without having to resort to using them at all if you wanted to play it extra safe.

Try to keep moving to avoid attacks that target Rowena. It’s important to note that Rowena can move to spaces your Exemplars can’t. Just because you can’t move your entire party to a tile (maybe because Bonesnapper is standing there) doesn’t prevent Rowena from hovering above that tile. Use this to your advantage when trying to dodge Bonesnapper’s attacks.

With Bonesnapper down, you are free to move on.

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