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Fall Guys – Season Three: Sunken Secrets Season Pass Guide

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Fall Guys just released its third Season since its free-to-play relaunch, titled Season Three: Sunken Secrets. As with any Season, this has brought several new features to the game, including new Rounds, mechanics, events, and a brand-new Season Pass.

Following this Season's nautical theme, this Season Pass gives you the opportunity to complete challenges in exchange for 200 different in-game rewards, many of them being exclusive cosmetics. We've put together all the information you need to fully understand Fall Guys' take on the battle pass feature, allowing you to easily progress through it and earn countless rewards.

What Is The Season Pass?

Like those previously released, this Season Pass functions like most battle passes seen in other games, rewarding you with several rewards for playing the game and completing specific challenges. Like last Season, there are 200 Season Pass Tiers to progress through, each providing you with an in-game item or cosmetic when reached.

In order to gain access to all 200 rewards available, you will need to purchase the Supercharged version of the Season Pass, requiring you to spend 950 Show Bucks (equivalent to about $7.99). You will still have access to the Season Pass without making this purchase, but you will only obtain a fraction of the available rewards throughout the Season.

How To Progress The Season Pass

To progress through the different Season Pass Tiers, you will need to earn Fame, an in-game currency needed to increase your overall Season Pass level. Fame can be earned through two different methods, either competing in Shows or completing specific in-game challenges.

You can also spend 100 Show Bucks to progress one Season Pass Tier.

When it comes to the first method, you will earn Fame at the end of each Show that you compete in, varying based on your performance and the number of Rounds that you played. This proves to be a relatively consistent way to make progress with the Season Pass, not requiring you to go out of your way to earn Fame. Just keep playing and you'll get there eventually.

The second method involves the different Challenges available to all players, coming in the form of Daily, Weekly, and Marathon (Seasonal) Challenges. These Challenges can be accessed from the main lobby screen, many of them rewarding you with large amounts of Fame when completed. These help you get those big boosts in fame necessary to reach the final tiers of the Season Pass

Season Pass Rewards

As mentioned previously, there are 200 Season Pass Tiers, each providing you with either in-game currency or an exclusive Season Pass cosmetic item. It bears repeating a final time, although you will still have access to the Season Pass without purchasing the Supercharged version, it's important to note that you will be missing out on the majority of the cosmetic items available.

If you have purchased the Supercharged version of the Season Pass, you will be able to earn enough Show Bucks to purchase next Season's Pass. Make sure to save at least 950 of these Show Bucks if you want to unlock next Season's Supercharged Season Pass without having to pay more real money.

Although there are 200 Season Pass Tiers, the majority of cosmetic items will be obtained through the progression of the first 100 Season Pass Tiers.

Season Three: Sunken Secret Season Pass Rewards Tier 1-100
TierRewardItem TypeFree/Paid Reward
1Cfallhu (Upper and Lower)CostumePaid
2Ancient DeepColorFree
3Ancient DeepFaceplatePaid
5100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
6Lost City LegendNicknameFree
7Gone FishingEmotePaid
8Captain's Cap (Upper)CostumeFree
9300 KudosCurrencyFree
10Flippy FloppyCelebrationPaid
11Kilty Pleasure (Lower)CostumeFree
12X-Er SidesPatternPaid
13Sandy StarfishNameplateFree
14100 Show BucksCurrencyFree
15Dovah-Bean (Lower)CostumePaid
16Dovah-Bean (Upper)CostumePaid
17Shell ShoalPatternFree
20400 KudosCurrencyFree
22Gully GuardingNameplateFree
23100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
24Captain Gully (Lower)CostumePaid
25Captain Gully (Upper)CostumePaid
27The SwimEmotePaid
28Candy Beandana (Upper)CostumeFree
29Shark Tail (Lower)CostumeFree
30100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
31Anchors A Weigh!NicknameFree
32400 KudosCurrencyFree
35100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
36Anchors A WeighPatternFree
37Admiral Anchor (Lower)CostumePaid
38Admiral Anchor (Upper)CostumePaid
39Bubble UpNameplateFree
40400 KudosCurrencyFree
41100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
42Getting PinchedCelebrationPaid
43Peg Leg (Lower)CostumeFree
44Jungle Frog Pack (Upper)CostumePaid
45Water CausticsPatternFree
46100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
47Limiter ReleaseNameplatePaid
48Ultraman FactorNicknameFree
49Specium RayEmotePaid
50100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
51400 KudosCurrencyFree
52Ultraman (Lower)CostumePaid
53Ultraman (Upper)CostumePaid
54Feeling CrabbyPatternFree
57Big CatchNicknameFree
58100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
60Shork (Lower)CostumePaid
61Shork (Upper)CostumePaid
62500 KudosCurrencyFree
63Shark CamoPatternFree
64Caught By The KrakenCelebrationPaid
65100 Show BucksCurrencyFree
66Pineapple Ring Pack (Upper)CostumePaid
67Banana Bag (Lower)CostumeFree
71Beautiful BlobNicknameFree
72100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
73Puffer FishNameplateFree
74Blobfish (Lower)CostumePaid
75Blobfish (Upper)CostumePaid
76500 KudosCurrencyFree
77Row Your BoatEmotePaid
78100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
80Aqua Blaster Belt (Lower)CostumePaid
81Mackerel DuoNameplateFree
82Pinchy Pincers (Upper)CostumeFree
83100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
84500 KudosCurrencyFree
87100 Show BucksCurrencyPaid
88Keen AnglerNicknameFree
89Darkmaw (Lower)CostumePaid
90Darkmaw (Upper)CostumePaid
91That Sinking FeelingNameplateFree
92Bubbly BuddyPatternFree
93The Snail's Meow (Upper)CostumePaid
94Art Thou Feeling It Now?NicknameFree
95600 KudosCurrencyFree
96Order Up!NameplatePaid
97Bubble Bowl PerformanceCelebrationPaid
98100 Show BucksCurrencyFree
99Spongebob (Lower)CostumePaid
100Spongebob (Upper)CostumePaid

The majority of rewards earned from Season Pass Tiers 101 to 200 will be the same free reward: 30 Crown Shards. That being said, there are a few cosmetic rewards among these, all of which require the Supercharged version of the Season Pass.

Season Three: Sunken Secrets Paid Rewards Tiers 101-200
132Lesser Spotted Shork (Costume Lower)
133Lesser Spotted Shork (Costume Upper)
164Great Old Guy (Costume Lower)
165Great Old Guy (Costume Upper)
199Admiral Mainesale (Costume Lower)
200Admiral Mainesale (Costume Upper)

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