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Fall Guys Costume Auction Yeets Nutaku But Keeps Bidet Company

It seems Fall Guys is totally okay with a costume that asks about your butthole but is less cool with an NSFW gaming company.

In case you hadn’t heard, Fall Guys is hosting a charity auction on Twitter where the winner gets to have their costume added to the game. There have been a lot of entries from games like Warframe and Rivals of Aether, as well as streamers like Trainwrecks and MrBeast.

There’s even been a bid from TUSHY, the bidet company. For a time, it was the winning bid too.

Developer Mediatonic retains the right to reject any bids from brands that are “offensive/unsuitable,” so when pornographic game publisher Nutaku made a bid for $110,000 that would have skyrocketed them to the front of the pack, Mediatonic shut them down.

“You are YEETED,” wrote the Fall Guys Twitter account on the grounds of it being “NSFW.”

Now here’s where things get a little confusing. TUSHY, a company that sells bidet attachments for North American toilets, can request a costume that asks players about their “butthole,” but a company that flashes some bra-covered breasts is too out of line to accept a $110,000 donation. Doesn’t that seem a little skewed?

Some Twitter users seemed to think so. “That’s the highest bid and you’re gonna say nah no thanks to donating that amount to a children’s charity simply because of the company,” wrote one user. “Rep them but keep it SFW. Makes no sense denying an amount that high, most players are adults anyways.”

Nutaku has since been outbid by G2 Esports which offered $135,003, but Nutaku is an extremely well-funded platform that likely could have countered with something way over the top. A bidding war between G2 and Nutaku could have easily broken into the $200,000, and with a charity on the line, why quibble over a pair of jiggling assets?

It’s a bit of a strange distinction given the fact that a company that’ll shoot water up your butthole is fine, but a company purveying smut is not.

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