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Fall Guys Big Yeetus update adds Easy Anti-Cheat, full patch notes released


The first big Fall Guys update since it stopped being free is now live and it adds a giant hammer and much needed new anti-cheat measures.

The new mid-season update for Fall Guys doesn’t add any brand-new levels but instead ‘dozens’ of new obstacles and other random events that will, for example, change which way turntables turn or the way that doors open.

On top of this is the addition of a giant hammer, called Big Yeetus, that will appear randomly in some rounds and… do what hammers do, except with jellybean people instead of nails.

Developer Mediatonic is also promising bug fixes relating to graphics, sever stability, and ‘a whole lot more to make Fall Guys just that little bit smoother’.

Perhaps the most important addition though, if it works, is Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat software, that’s supposed to stop people using mods and hacks to cheat in the game.

Hopefully it’ll be more effective than the previous solutions, which Mediatonic recently revealed involved throwing cheaters together on a special ‘Cheater Island’, that it didn’t tell anyone about till now.

That’s probably why it didn’t work though, as it wasn’t much of a deterrent, whereas hopefully Easy Anti-Cheat will just stop the cheats at the source.

All of this is building up to the already announced season 2, which will feature a medieval theme and is due to start on 6 October.

The patch notes are pretty straightforward but here they are in full:

  • [PC] Our new anti-cheating system for PC is now in!
  • [PC] Added ability to bind game actions to mouse buttons
  • [PS4] Improved stability when creating parties on PS4
  • Objects in certain rounds will now have dynamic variations from one playthrough to the next, including new objects entirely. We plan to expand this system in the future to more rounds.
  • Big Yeetus
  • Improved stability when progressing from one round to another, there should be fewer disconnections in the qualification screen and round loading now.
  • Bug fixes in levels, spectator mode, and improved resilience when network errors occur.
  • Fall Ball timer down to 120 seconds from 150
  • Lowered Min Player Counts for some levels to increase round variety

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