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Fall Guys: Abstergo’s Challenge Guide

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Fall Guys is known for both their collaborations and limited-time events; constantly keeping things within their game fresh. Available for a limited time, players can enjoy both of these with their latest in-game event: Abstergo's Challenge. Taking place from July 7, 2022, to July 11, 2022, this limited-time event collaborates with the popular Assassin's Creed franchise.

Players will have to compete in the limited-time playlist, Sweet Thieves, to earn the different rewards being offered, including the exclusive Apple of Eden cosmetic item. Use the following information to make sure you know all the "ins and outs" of Abstergo's Challenge; ensuring that you secure all available rewards.

Event Challenges

To earn the various rewards offered during Abstergo's Challenge, you will need to complete a set of challenges, specific to this event. These ten challenges require you to complete a variety of tasks; all taking place in the limited-time playlist, Sweet Thieves.

You will need to complete all ten challenges if you wish to acquire the final reward that is being offered, the Apple of Eden cosmetic item.

Completing the following challenges during the event window; providing you with 100 Candy each. Candy is event currency needed to redeem the different rewards available.

Event Challenges
Play as a Thief in Sweet ThievesThree Times
Win as a Thief in Sweet ThievesOne Time
Carry candy in Sweet Thieves30 Seconds
Carry candy in Sweet Thieves75 Seconds
Press the button as a Thief in Sweet ThievesOne Time
Win Sweet Thieves10 Times
Play as a Guardian in Sweet ThievesOne Time
Win as a Guardian in Sweet ThievesOne Time
As a Guardian grab Thieves in Sweet ThievesFive Times
As a Guardian grab Thieves in Sweet Thieves20 Times

Event Rewards

During this event, there will be five rewards available to players. Each requiring a specific amount of Candy, players will have to complete the various event challenges to acquire the following rewards being offered during Abstergo's Challenge.

After earning the required amount of Candy for each reward, you will need to claim it in the Event Tab to acquire it.

Event Rewards
RewardItem TypeCandy Required
Animus TraineeNickname100 Candy
200 KudosCurrency300 Candy
Apple of EdenNameplate500 Candy
Animus SynchronisingPattern700 Candy
Apple of EdenCostume (Top)1,000 Candy

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