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Fable reboot coming to Xbox Series X from creators of Forza Horizon


Microsoft has confirmed that a new Fable game is in development and it may be the first Xbox Series X exclusive.

It’s been an open secret for years but Microsoft has finally annouced that UK developer Playground Games are working on a new Fable game.

It was the last thing to be shown during the Xbox Games Showcase and was only a very brief pre-rendered teaser.

It did feature a voiceover by Stephen Fry though and seemed to maintain the original’s distinct British sense of humour, but other than that there was nothing to discern – other than it has fairies (and frogs) in it.

There was also no release date, or even year, mentioned but it’s long been rumoured that the game is still someway out and Microsoft has made it clear that Halo Infinite will be the only new launch game for Xbox Series X.

Interestingly, and unlike games such as Halo Infinite, the very end of the teaser only mentions the Xbox Series X and PC formats, which seems to imply that it’s not coming to Xbox One. (The formats are only shown in the full showcase trailer below, not the teaser above.)

Microsoft has previously said that all first party Xbox Series X games will also be released on Xbox One for the first ‘couple’ of years, so Fable could be the first game where that is not the case.

The teaser also implies that this is a reboot of the Fable franchise rather than Fable 4 or any kind of spin-off.

The original games kept moving forward in time, with Fable 3 being set in a more steampunk style world, but the teaser seemed to suggest a more traditional Tolkien-esque fantasy world, akin to the first game.


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