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ExoMecha Is A Promising Free-To-Play Competitive FPS

Developer TwistedRed has announced ExoMecha, a free-to-play, online competitive first-person shooter where players can battle it out across various action-packed scenarios. 

With beautiful visuals and fast-paced sequences, ExoMecha is versatile and flexible to a wide array of play styles. In the trailer below, we see players on hoverboards, in jets, and battling alongside giant sword-wielding mechs. The game also promises boss battles, which we seem to get quick glimpses of in the trailer with the spider-looking mech, a tank, and a dragon mech. ExoMecha offers team-based, large-scale battles, an objective-based mode, and a unique take on the battle royale genre. 

ExoMecha is set to launch in late 2021.

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