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Ex-DICE Devs’ Co-Op Shooter ARC Raiders Delayed To 2023, Will Get A PvP Mode

Embark Studios, which is comprised of ex-DICE developers, has revealed its free-to-play cooperative shooter ARC Raiders will be releasing sometime in 2023.

In what seems to be another addition to games delay season, these developers are deciding to give their project some extra time. Just yesterday we heard about the Midnight Suns delay, now Embark has also reported that its intriguing game, ARC Raiders, won't be out this year as originally intended.

In an official statement shared on Twitter, the team said ARC Raiders is "an ambitious game, and [the devs] will be using this extra time to expand the experience, and allow it to reach its fullest potential." From the sound of it, it looks like the team is looking not only for some extra polishing with ARC Raiders, but to offer players more content and various in-game modes and mechanics.

The delay hardly comes as a surprise for fans who have been following Embark, as the studio kept radio silence regarding the game for the last few months. In fact, all we ever got for ARC Raiders was the TGA 2021 reveal trailer. According to the studio, the team will be diving into more details as soon as it begins to test the game extensively with players.

Founder of Embark Studios and ex-Battlefield developer Patrick Söderlund said in his blog post that the studio has several projects in development, including a team-based first-person shooter codenamed Project Discovery. Turns out, this game's development has progressed faster than the team first imagined, especially over the past few months. As such, it was decided to let Project Discovery be the first to hit the market, pushing ARC Raiders to a later date next year.

ARC Raiders is a cooperative free-to-play third-person shooter, set in a distant future where Earth is being attacked by a mysterious mechanized threat from outer space. As the devs claimed earlier, the goal is to make players "think creatively" to achieve victory. Söderlund added that the game's world is "exceptionally compelling and lends to many ways to play," which led the studio to begin prototyping a PvP-focused game mode that is now in need of some extra time.

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