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Every Wrestler Confirmed For AEW: Fight Forever

All Elite Wrestling is giving the people what they want, and this time around, it's a mainstream wrestling game. We've seen Tony Khan bringing top-level energy to a lot of press conferences recently, and his hype about AEW: Fight Forever is strong.

The feed of information is limited, but that hasn't stopped fans from grabbing every factoid they can get from the wrestlers and the prime-time wrestling promotion itself. A lot of questions surround the roster with all the changes AEW has gone through. Rest assured; we'll know everything there is to know soon enough. For now, all the wrestlers confirmed to be in AEW: Fight Forever are right here.

11 Chris Jericho

Le Champion, The Painmaker, a fireball-throwing wizard. Whatever you want to call Chris Jericho, you can be certain that he will be in Fight Forever. Jericho has been with AEW since its beginnings in 2019, but before that, he was known in the WWE, WCW, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling circles.

Chris has appeared in WWE and WCW games, so this is far from his first computer-generated cameo and likely not his last. Hopefully, he has time to record in-game lines between narrating episodes of Dark Side Of The Ring.

10 Cody Rhodes

Cody and Brandi Rhodes may be long-gone from AEW and back to the grind at WWE, but that's not going to stop Tony Khan from doing whatever he pleases. Despite his difference of employment, Cody Rhodes remains on the playable character roster for AEW: Fight Forever.

It is not known if Brandi will make an appearance, but with Cody being there, you can't rule it out. If WWE isn't your style, you can still watch the numerous spin-off TV shows the Rhodes family has bagged themselves. Or just rewatch A Shot Of Brandi and cry.

9 Darby Allin

Darby has been one of the most forward and notable wrestlers AEW has ever had. With his skeletal face paint and skateboard-as-a-weapon tactic, he's a formidable wrestler on his own. His high-flying and death-defying moves haven't just been noticed by his mentor Sting but by everyone in the promotion as well.

Darby is, unsurprisingly, among the first wrestlers confirmed to be in Fight Forever. Unfortunately, they're probably not going to add the ability to come out accompanied by Ghostemane's bassist like Darby used to, but at least the vibe is still there.

8 Hikaru Shida

Though she doesn't hold the title anymore, Hikaru Shida still holds AEW's record for the longest-reigning women's champion. The end of her year-long title ended painfully and with a lot of tears.

But while you're waiting for Shida to rise back to the top, you can feel secure in knowing that she's got her place in the game. AEW has confirmed that Fight Forever will have mechanics for weapons, so hopefully, you'll get to wallop everyone in the ring with a Kendo stick.

7 Jungle Boy

Tarzan-like wrestling personality Jungle Boy is a high-flying phenomenon, so it's no surprise that he's getting his very own video game counterpart. His currently estranged tag-team partner Luchasaurus has not been confirmed for the game yet. Additionally, Marko Stunt, who was part of the Jurassic Express faction, is no longer signed with AEW.

GCW fans might hope to see him more often, but it also means his Fight Forever status may be up in the air. Now we just need in-game Jim Ross to call Jungle Boy everything but the right name.

6 Kenny Omega

Was there ever really a question of if Kenny Omega was going to be in the game? After all, Kenny has been the one giving us most of the information about the game since the beginning, all the way to the first announcement. Kenny himself has a hand in the game's creation.

In addition to being an international wrestling sensation, Kenny is also an avid Street Fighter fan and competitor. Omega even played a live-action version of Cody, the fighter he mains in Street Fighter 5.

5 The Young Bucks

You can't really have one of the Young Bucks without the other. Real-life brothers and lifelong tag-team partners Matt and Nick Jackson are definitely coming to AEW: Fight Forever as playable wrestlers.

The full extent of their customization is not known, but judging from their vast collection of custom gear, you can assume their costumes are going to take up a large chunk of the game. Along with Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page, and Cody Rhodes, the Bucks originally formed The Elite, the original faction from AEW's origins.

4 Kris Statlander

Before she came to AEW, the galaxy's favorite alien was thrilling crowds in WWE and then the indies. In fact, Kris Statlander and Orange Cassidy have wrestled each other on Beyond Wrestling, which can be watched on YouTube and IWTV.

Kris has hopped a few different factions in AEW, but one thing that's certain is her place in the video game world. If she keeps up the alien gimmick in-game, maybe she'll be added to the roster of video game characters from the Andromeda Galaxy.

3 Thunder Rosa

Despite her bubbly, fun-loving, and upbeat demeanor on her YouTube Taco Vlog, Thunder Rosa is a whirlwind of danger in the ring. The AEW Women's World Champion, billed out of "The graveyards of Tijuana, Mexico," is getting a spot in Fight Forever at launch.

So far, the game's women's roster is looking tough and hard-hitting, with some of the toughest women in AEW entering the game world. Thunder Rosa has also been making fast friends with Danhausen since his arrival, so maybe she can put in a good word for him.

2 Nyla Rose

If you've watched Attack Of The Show recently, you've seen Nyla Rose doing the things she does best: nerding out and being extremely strong. The former Women's World Champion has shown her passion for gaming time and time again, and she deserves a place in AEW: Fight Forever.

Nyla, also known by her ring title 'The Native Beast,' is currently managed by Vickie Guerrero, the widow of Eddie Guerrero and AEW's most entertaining supervillain. A Twitch stream of Nyla Rose playing herself in a game about her own career seems inevitable.

1 Owen Hart

Both Owen Hart's life and death had a number of influences on the world of professional wrestling. Vice's Dark Side Of The Ring covers the harrowing details surrounding all the bad parts, but AEW is bringing up the positives. AEW and Martha Hart, Owen's widow and head of the Owen Hart Foundation, launched the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament in 2022.

They have also both confirmed that Owen's legacy will continue to live on and that he will be seen in Fight Forever. You can learn more about the Owen Hart Foundation on their website.

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