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Escape From Tarkov Arena Coming As Standalone Arena Shooter

Escape From Tarkov has been around for a few years, and although it’s still technically in beta, it’s become one of the most popular realistic shooters out there. What sets Escape From Tarkov apart from most shooters is its realistic bullet physics and enormous pool of weapons and gear. Players can craft their own unique weapon from thousands of different parts which can drastically affect that gun’s performance in a fire fight.

Nominally a survival game, Escape From Tarkov tasks players with getting from one end of a map to the extraction point, gathering equipment, weapons, and resources along the way. Fights can happen between NPCs or other players, but success often means being as quiet and sneaky as possible.

Which is probably why developer Battlestate Games has decided to create Escape From Tarkov Arena. A standalone “session-based multiplayer first-person shooter for PC with all the known and beloved hardcore game mechanics of Escape From Tarkov,” Arena will feature one intense gun fight after the other without all the survival mechanics getting in the way of the action.

The game centers around gladiatorial combat in various arenas around the city of Tarkov. Fights are organized by a "mysterious group of Arena Masters led by the Host,” and will feature both PvP and PvE game modes. Owners of the original Escape From Tarkov can play the game using their main profile character, while non-owners can pay and download Escape From Tarkov Arena separately without the original game. Either way, players can expect gear unlocks, ratings, and weapons from Tarkov Arena.

The teaser trailer shows a format that appears to be mostly team deathmatch, with five-player teams engaging in shootouts in a broken down airport. It looks a lot like Rainbow Six Siege but without the objectives or character abilities.

Escape From Tarkov Arena is expected to begin beta testing in autumn of this year. The original Escape From Tarkov has shown no signs of emerging From its extended beta, but Battlestate Games is still cracking down hard on cheaters whenever they pop up.

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