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Epic Confirms That Spider-Gwen Is Coming To Fortnite’s Next Season Using Spider-Verse’s Art-Style

Thanks to a new teaser image, Epic has confirmed that Spider-Gwen will be a part of Fortnite's next season, something that has been rumoured for the last few months.

In just a few days, the next season of Fortnite will be upon us, and Epic has started to ramp up the teasers for it. Not only has it started sharing some weird videos focusing on chrome consuming everything, but it's also been changing the hand that appears on the season's key art, revealing a few new characters that'll presumably be a part of the battle pass.

The most interesting reveal to come from the key art is the confirmation that Spider-Gwen will feature in the season in some regard. As reported by Fortnite insider Hypex, one version of the key art replaces The Paradigm's hand with Gwen's, which looks like her updated look from Across the Spider-Verse. We only get to see her hand in the teaser, but looking at the art closely shows that it uses the same dotted style that Into the Spider-Verse prominently featured.

Spider-Gwen coming to Fortnite likely won't come as much of a surprise to anyone considering it's been one of the most consistent rumours to do with the upcoming season. If the initial leak was correct, and at this point it does seem to be, then Gwen will be a part of the season's battle pass, likely as the 100th spot if previous passes are anything to go by. She'll also reportedly be joined by Spider-Verse's take on Miles Morales, who will apparently come to the game through the store instead of the battle pass.

Some of the other characters that seem to have been revealed from the key art include The Paradigm (rumoured to be played by Brie Larson), an unannounced skin that already has chrome hands, and, best of all, an emo version of Meowscles that is the best thing that Fortnite has done since introducing its beautiful gummy lad, Gumbo.

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