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Embrace The Dark Side In Dying Light 2 With This Hidden Force Choke Blueprint

Techland wasn't kidding when it marketed just how big and stuffed its sequel was going to be. Dying Light 2 is jam packed with stuff to do, from hunting down bandits to environmental puzzles and zombie side quests. The devs also made sure to fill the game with secrets, with plenty of easter eggs and hidden blueprints crammed into this open world.

There are even secrets hiding inside secrets, like a Russian doll of easter eggs (yes, what a way to mix metaphors!). For instance, eager players have discovered a recreation of a Doom level, that equips you with a meaty shotgun, hidden in the basement of the VNC skyscraper, which is only revealed if players find five black ducks strewn around Villedor (thanks, PC Gamer). However, hiding inside this easter egg, which riffs off another series, is another easter egg, that also riffs off another well-known franchise.

Once you access the Doom-inspired hidden level players can then search for this other secret, which will allow your character to use a Star Wars-like Force Choke, just like everyone's favourite Darth. This blueprint is found off a secret passageway and concealed behind a wall. The video below, by AshesWolf, will guide those of you seeking this Dark Side Force power to use in Dying Light 2.

In order to make this blueprint, you'll need 369 scrap which will give you 16 uses once made. But once found, provided you have enough resources, this crafting blueprint means Aiden will be able to Force Choke those who displease him.

The video shows the secret corridor hidden behind a wall (at around the 8:30 mark) and the passage leads to a room with a green pool in the middle of which is the blueprint named Dying Force. Once crafted, Aiden can even choke Survivors or Peacekeepers, so that all-too powerful Sith feeling will be yours to have, evil laugh. Just like the Left Finger of gloVa, which allows players to turn their left hand into finger guns, players have 16 uses of the Dying Force, but it can be re-crafted for more Force action once all used up.

This easter egg is certainly not to be the last as players discover more secrets. Stay tuned to TheGamer for more coverage on neat hidden stuff in Dying Light 2.

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