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Elden Ring’s Runebears Might Actually Be Part-Dragon

Elden Ring is such a deep and lore-heavy game that fans are regularly still discovering things even though the game has been on store shelves for over 7 months. For example, fans recently discovered that Morgott's curse actually lifts once you defeat him and also found out that Blackguard Big Boggart is actually a bit of a hunk underneath his metal helmet.

Now, another interesting potential piece of lore has been discovered, this time by Elden Ring YouTuber Zullie the Witch. In their latest video, they talk about the origins of one of the game's most vicious wild animals – Runebears. You won't find many Elden Ring players out there that haven't been ambushed by a Runebear and spread across the forest floor like butter, but there may be a very good reason as to why they're so frighteningly powerful.

As detailed by Zullie, during the game's Network Test before release, a single Runebear could be found if players went out of bounds of the specified area. Killing this Runebear would give players a Dragon Heart, although not much was made of this discovery since it was a Network Test and Runebears no longer drop these hearts in the finished game. However, Zullie has also found that a Runebear's eyes perfectly match the eyes of one of the game's Stone Dragons as well as the player's eyes when they undergo Dragon Communion.

A fan in the video's comments section also points out another link between Runebears and dragons, as Raloris notes that the jagged points on a Runebear's chest also look very similar to dragon scales. To put it briefly, Zullie is theorising that Runebears are actually regular bears that are slowly turning into dragons, similar to how people slowly turn into Magma Wyrms when consuming Dragon Hearts as part of the Dragon Communion rituals.

It's a neat little detail, and one that potentially explains why Runebears are so much larger and more aggressive than your typical bear. So next time you're pummelled into dust by a Runebear, take comfort in the fact that it's possible there's half a dragon in there fighting you as well.

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