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Elden Ring’s Let Me Solo Her To Receive "Special Gift" From Bandai Namco

More than two months on from its launch, Elden Ring still feels as popular now as it was on day one. Millions of players speedrunning, modding, or just trying to make their way through the game for the very first time. So many stories, but the one that has garnered the most noteriety is Let Me Solo Her's. An Elden Ring player who has become so famous, and helped so many others, that they will receive a special gift from Bandai Namco.

Let Me Solo Her shot to Elden Ring fame when they were summoned by another player and proceeded to take down Malenia with relative ease. The player, who wears nothing but a cloth to cover their modesty and a pot on their head in-game, has since done that over and over again. So many times, in fact, that on Tuesday, they beat Malenia for the 1000th time and streamed the battle live.

At the end of the stream, after another successful battle with Malenia, Let Me Solo Her revealed they had been contacted by Bandai Namco and will be receiving a special gift. What that gift will be remains unknown. It could be something physical, perhaps an official figurine of their in-game character, or maybe they will be immortalized in the game somehow via a future update.

As for what Let Me Solo Her will do next, they implied at the end of the stream that their days of battling Malenia on behalf of other people is over. They stated their intention to start Elden Ring all over again, which means from now on, when you summon someone to help you slay Malenia, the odds of getting Let Me Solo Her have gone from slim to none. That's despite the streamer implying they would continue helping others, perhaps in a different part of The Lands Between, before their 1000th victory.

Regardless of what Bandai Namco's gift is, or if Let Me Solo Her really is done battling Malenia, the character will still remain in the game in some form. Someone has created a mod that allows you to summon the player's character as a spirit. Not the same thing, but still kind of cool. If that's not your cup of tea, another mod lets you become Darth Vader.

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