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Elden Ring Update Contains Traces Of DLC And Buffs Numerous Weapons

The sheer variety of weapons in Elden Ring is staggering. Add to that the Ashes of War, and you can even customize weapons to a degree. And yet, you'll find most players running around with the Moonveil Katana, thanks to its ranged Weapon Skill and overall awesomeness. However, FromSoftware's recently launched update 1.07 aims to change that with major buffs to a whole bunch of weapons. And, there's also the small matter of a DLC hidden amidst the source code.

"This new update brings balance adjustments to improve the stability of gameplay," reads the patch note. "Many changes were brought to spells, skills, incantations and weapons to encourage more versatility in terms of gameplay." Thankfully, these changes affect both PvP and PvE – more so the latter. While PvP sees changes like increased poise damage for two-handed normal attacks and certain Colossal Sword attacks, the bulk of the patch notes are reserved for the PvE changes.

These changes are so specific that individual weapons, and even attacks, are named separately in order to tell you what changes have been made. Most of these changes are buffs, which the devs probably hope will make players pick up other weapons.

Along with all these changes, dataminers have also discovered what appear to be hints of a DLC within the game's source code. Dataminer Sekiro Dubi has listed down the things they found, including new hair models for character creator, "new map files from audio banks m20, and m45" — but there's no additional information on this, and map files of the Colosseum. There are also subtle changes made all over the map, but Sekiro Dubi theorizes that these are probably related to fixing collision issues. There are also clues regarding raytracing.

It will take some time for the dataminers to discover more information, these are yet only preliminary. The Colosseum has for long been speculated to be part of a DLC for Elden Ring. While its exact use has still not been determined, dataminers found ways to get inside of it, and even get it working. This is only the latest bit of evidence pointed at the same theory.

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