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Elden Ring TikTok Shows How Great Runes Come Together

Elden Ring is about – you guessed it – the Elden Ring. But what the Elden Ring is specifically is a little bit mysterious. As with all FromSoftware games, the lore can be quite confusing. As you explore The Lands Between, you'll collect Great Runes, shards of the once complete Elden Ring. It turns out, not everyone knew they fit together to form the titular rune, the one seen on the cover of the game.

Enter TikTok user Makotro0, who posted a video showing all seven obtainable Great Runes and how they merge together to form one Elden Ring to rule them all. The story is made possible because someone stole the Rune of Death, which explains why the Tarnished and all the enemies can constantly respawn.

When the Elden Ring was shattered, before the events of the game, each Great Rune was taken by a shard bearer. It's your job as the player to collect some of those shards so that you can reforge the ring. Thanks to the video below you can now see how all of the shards come together to make up the Elden Ring itself.

The video has been viewed almost 400,000 times on TikTok, meaning either a lot of people didn't know this was how the Great Runes worked or they just enjoy seeing them come together. Whether you knew the Great Runes all interlinked or not, it's very satisfying watching them form the Elden Ring on the box art.

Elden Ring has been making headlines ever since it launched in February. Recently, a player turned Elden Ring into an isometric RPG thanks to some clever camera hacks. It's also been discovered that an issue with Torrent's double jump presumed to be a feature is actually a bug, so it may get patched out soon.

Also, Distortion2, the speedrunner who has taken the time to beat Elden Ring down to under seven minutes – although nine minutes is our most recent article – has also beaten the game using just the butt-pounding Ground Slam weapon art.

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