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Elden Ring Randomizer Mod Uncovers Invisible Boss

Elden Ring mods can help, or they can hurt. Or in the case of the Elden Ring randomizer mod, they can do both. As the name suggests, the Elden Ring randomizer mod jumbles everything so you never know what you’re gonna get. A cave that might contain wolves in the base game might contain soldiers, or knights, or rune bears, or Revenants. Defined item rewards also get randomized, so you might wind up with way more Arc Runes and Bell Bearings than you’d ever expect in the unmodded game.

All this randomization can create a unique challenge for veteran Tarnished looking for something completely different on their next playthrough. For YouTuber MythyMoo, however, the randomizer mod gave him a completely invisible boss that murdered him over and over for 30 minutes.

The randomizer has a fun feature that also randomizes the names of enemies, so all MythyMoo knew about his invisible foe was the name “Night’s Hunter.” He encounters the enemy with a caravan that would normally be guarded by a pair of Night’s Cavalry, but the sound of ominous chainmail footsteps confirm this invisible enemy is certainty not riding on the back of a pale horse.

Judging by the glowing red attacks, it looks like it’s a Bell Bearing Hunter, but you can’t actually see its body or weapons, making dodging attacks quite difficult. The Night’s Hunter killed MythyMoo quite a few times before he came up with the ingenious idea of using Scarlet Rot to reveal the enemy.

As noted by PCGamesN, YouTube user HotSoup43 has likely cracked the case of the invisible boss as not some previously unknown boss that was cut from the final game, but an existing boss that’s changed significantly thanks to the randomizer.

“My guess is that the ‘Night Hunter’ is invisible because when the Bell Bearing Hunter appears he does so through an invasion type trigger,” they write. “Every time you see Bell Bearing Hunter he appears out of that red fog and his model loads in, and that event doesn’t exist outside that boss event, so his model never loads in, making him completely invisible.”

MythyMoo eventually kills his invisible nemesis, but the other invisible Night’s Hunter has the last laugh.

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