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Elden Ring Players Discuss The Most Tragic Characters

FromSoftware doesn't make happy characters. Everything sucks, everyone's life is terrible, and if they haven't already died a horrible death, they're cursed to live a tormented life. For god's sake, Patches seems like the happiest character in Elden Ring, so there's no hope for anyone. However, some characters have it worse than others, and while you end up murdering most of them, there are some you genuinly feel bad for.

Going against their name, Apathetic_Tuna posted in the Elden Ring Subreddit asking players who they thought was the most tragic Elden Ring character (thanks, GameRant). While there are many characters to choose from, the one that was mentioned the most was Smithing Master Hewg. A number of comments went into detail about why he is the one Elden Ring character they feel bad for.

"That line when he goes "who are you…?" after Roderika begs you to convince him to leave literally broke my heart. Hits especially hard if you know or knew people afflicted by dementia," said one comment. "I can't believe this isn't everyone's first answer. Dude is a prisoner who thinks he's so ugly that no one would ever want to associate with him. Total apathy about everything. Then he gets dementia," said another.

At least three different comments talked about how they almost cried when he calls you Lord. "Allow me to call you this, just once…" "My Lord…for that is what you are," says Hewg.

However, he wasn't the only character that was mentioned. Blaidd is a fan favourite in Elden Ring – primarily because of how cool he looks with that wolf head, but also because of his unwavering loyalty to Ranni. "Blaidd, dude didn't even know what his fate would be if Ranni turned against the fingers, so he's reduced to a struggle of his own will against outer forces poisoning his mind. Killing him is a mercy," said one of the comments.

From characters who are tragic, to enemies who are often ignored. Players have agreed that fighting a Rune Bear is a waste of time and energy, and is just not worth all the trouble.

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