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Elden Ring Players Cosplay Bloodborne’s Maria And Kos For Beach Duel

Elden Ring players are finding ways to keep the game entertaining long after they've completed it. One streamer is currently playing through two copies simultaneously using a DualSense and a dance pad, while others are playing dress up. These two both cosplayed as Bloodborne bosses, Lady Maria and the Orphan Of Kos. They met on a beach, the Orphan emerged from the water, and they duelled ferociously.

We view the fight from Lady Maria's perspective. She's invaded this land and sees the Orphan emerge from the surf, just like it does in Bloodborne. Posted to Reddit by Death_Metal_, the fight almost seems too good to be true, but OP is claiming it was an entirely incedental encounter.

In Bloodborne, Maria is one of the first hunters to take up arms against the monsters. She goes to the Fishing Hamelt to investigate the Great One Kos' corpse that has washed up on the shores and mutating the villagers. In the Elden Ring fight, her Cairnhurst castle ancestry is evidenced by her use of Blood attacks.

The Orphan of Kos is a nightmarish, gnagly skeletal humanoid that weilds its own placenta in Bloodborne. That game was really weird, come to think of it. It is believed the child of the Great One was killed by the Hunters meddling with the blood of Kos, a price for which they pay dearly.

In the Elden Ring duel, Lady Maria manages to best the Orphan, freeing it from its limbo prison and returning it to the ocean from whence it came. The person playing the Orphan even recreates its screams by using moves that replicate the effect in Elden Ring, true dedication to the Kosplay (sorry). "Damn, homie even did the transformation animation when under 50% health just for authenticity," wrote dark_hypernova.

Death_Metal_ wrote, "I was left speechless when I saw its name. After this I immediately went to Weeping Peninsula to try and invade him again. I did. He wrecked me XD."

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