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Elden Ring Player Let Me Solo Her Becomes Community Legend

Summons in FromSoftware games are a wonderful thing. Inspired by kindly strangers who helped Miyazaki with his car, they provide help and offer guidance to new and struggling players. Most disappear into the ether, but some become legends. Elden Ring has found its champion. Let Me Solo Her.

Malenia, Blade of Miquella is one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring. She's technically optional, but as a shard bearer she's necessary to cut down if you wish to obtain all seven Great Runes. With her lightning fast attacks and death-inducing scarlet rot, she's the bane of many players. Enter, Let Me Solo Her.

Reddit user sazed813 was ready to throw in the towel after trying and failing to beat Malenia many times over. They quit trying to go it alone and decided to summon some allies to assist. They approached the first summoning sign they could see and didn't realise they were looking at a God. "A man, wearing nothing but a jar on his head, holding 2 katanas, named 'let me solo her'."

The host obliged, and the stranger succeeded. "The man took no damage except from some rot on the flower attack. He was flawless, and put all my attempts to shame. I definitely didn't kill Malenia, but either way, she is dead."

Since this story has been shared, memes have been made and the hero himself has also made a post, sharing a YouTube video of them taking down Malenia to prove they are who they say they are.

This is the kind of wholesome story that makes the Soulsborne community so special. It has its problems and its fair share of gatekeeping, toxic fans, but it also has people who just want to help others. And flex a little while they do it.

You can see from his video and eyewitness accounts that he's a Tarnished to be feared by bosses and beloved by fellow players. Everyone take a leaf out of his book and help your fellow Tarnished on their journeys.

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