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Elden Ring Modders Uncover Cut NPC Mounts

Mounts are a big part of Elden Ring, as players use Torrent to traverse The Lands Between, and some enemies utilize better ways to get around than simply walking. However, it appears the ability for a number of different NPCs to use mounts was cut from the game late on, as some of the assets still remain.

The discovery was made by the avid and talented Elden Ring modder, Zullie the Witch (via VG247). Zullie explains in the video below that the way Elden Ring's mount mechanic works is fairly simple. The rider and the mount have attach points, and if the IDs of those attach points match up, then the rider can hop on that mount and take it for a spin. The discovery that these attach points also exist on NPCs, but are unused, demonstrates FromSoftware's plans for the mechanic were once far more ambitious.

It also means that when a modder like Zullie reactivates the NPC's attach points, and because the attach point of the NPC has the same ID, you can ride them. As you can see in the video below, hopping on Blaidd and riding him around is pretty amusing, but that obviously wasn't the point of this scrapped mechanic. Also, because you're technically a mount riding another mount, you will sort of slip inside their torso rather than cling to their back.

It's the position of Blaidd's dummy poly that gives away he was supposed to be the one doing the riding, and not being ridden as is the case above. The trouble is, whatever Blaidd was supposed to be riding has either been removed from Elden Ring, or it was never created to begin with. There's a pattern that links each rider to their mount, but when following that pattern for Blaidd, there's nothing to be found. The character also doesn't have any hidden riding animations.

Yet another fun Elden Ring discovery and one that will let you get piggybacks from various NPCs should Zullie or anyone else decide to make it a fully-realized mod. As for mods you can use right now, Darth Vader has already been added to The Lands Between, and someone else has reimagined what Elden Ring would have looked like as a SNES game.

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