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Elden Ring Mod Clarifies What Exactly Each Item Does

How many times have you picked up a weird item in Elden Ring, only to be further confused by its description? FromSoftware's latest title has a treasure trove of items and consumables which can do everything from buff your character to open new paths, or even nerf you if you're feeling particularly masochistic. The problem is that – in true FromSoft fashion – it's not always clear what effect a particular item will have, and the item descriptions aren't always clear either. I'm looking at you, Mohg's Great Rune.

Thankfully for those playing Elden Ring on PC, a mod exists for the express purpose of explaining exactly what a particular item can do, and how it will affect you (thanks PCGamesN). So, you no longer have to gamble with items and either nerf yourself or use up a buff unnecessarily. The aptly named Detailed Item Descriptions mod adds, well, detailed descriptions of each and every item in the game, and also includes percentages for buffs or nerfs.

"I completely rewrote the descriptions for every single item in the game, including spells, equipment, and weapon skills," explained developer, Dziggy. "These new descriptions are much more detailed and actually give an accurate description of what an item does. They include exact numbers, so if an item inflicts damage you will know how much damage it inflicts. If an item gives you some sort of buff you will be able to know what it buffs, exactly how much it buffs it by, and how long the effect lasts for."

For instance, their version of the item description for Baldachin's Blessing reads: "Possessing this item reduces your maximum HP by 5%. Using this item reduces physical damage received by 35% and increases poise by about 52% for 15 seconds."

The mod does not change or edit the lore description of any of the objects, but it does additionally expand upon or tweak the vanilla descriptions for those that are unclear or misleading. Additionally, the mod also makes changes to the games UI – especially the items inventory and crafting menu – in order to further simplify the content and to allow for longer, more detailed descriptions.

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