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Elden Ring Mod Adds Ragdoll Death Physics

Elden Ring is a very funny game. While most of FromSoftware's titles have serious themes and are filled with horrible creatures, they're also littered with traps, specific enemy placements, and large drops. You don't need to look very far to find someone on social media sharing a baffling clip of themselves being taken out with perfect comedic timing or encountering an invader cosplaying as a fictional character and reenacting their favorite movie scenes.

However, as hilarious as it can be, Elden Ring didn't really feature one of the more absurd parts of FromSoftware's older titles all that much – ragdoll physics. Titles like Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne had quite a lot of enemies that went limp once you defeated them, allowing you to roll their bodies around and position them at strange angles. I'm convinced that every FromSoftware fan out there has rolled a body off a cliff to see what happens at least once.

Unfortunately, most of the enemies in Elden Ring simply vanish into thin air, so no rolling giant lobsters around in the swamps surrounding Raya Lucaria for you. Thankfully, one Elden Ring modder wasn't too happy about that and has created a new mod that lets you bring ragdoll physics to The Lands Between (thanks PCGamesN). Better yet, not only will this mod affect standard enemies but the player character as well, leading to some truly ridiculous situations that will at least take the sting out of dying to Godrick for the umpteenth time just a little bit.

The mod in question was created by Dweet and can be downloaded via Nexus Mods. Dweet even has a handy video of the mod in action – which you can see embedded above – on their YouTube channel. The mod essentially keeps your player character from disappearing and instead gives them a very slippery corpse that can be easily pushed around by your foes. Just be aware that there are some causes of death that don't trigger the ragdoll effect and that you will be banned if you try and take the mod online. So, you know, don't do that.

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