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Elden Ring Mod Adds Darth Vader To The Lands Between

Elden Ring is a game that will easily eat up tens of hours of your time if you let it. Not just because The Lands Between are sprawling and there's so much to do, but also because the PC version of the game continues to be modded in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. The latest of those ways comes in the form of the addition of Darth Vader to the game, complete with his iconic red lightsaber if you apply a second mod.

Elden Ring's Darth Vader and red lightsaber mods come courtesy of Xelerate. If you want to check both of them out in the field, then take a peek at the video below. Vader can be seen approaching and then doing battle with Godrick the Grafted. That's quite the showdown. Vader takes a few big hits from the Elden Ring boss, but the lightsaber does significant damage when it connects and eventually takes down Godrick.

You can find and download both the Darth Vader and red lightsaber mods for yourself through Nexus Mods. There's even a double-bladed version akin to the one Darth Maul sports in The Phantom Menace. Needless to say, if you didn't get your fill of Star Wars stuff on May 4, there's plenty more to tide you over via Elden Ring mods. As great as it is, there's only so many times you can watch the new Obi-Wan trailer.

As is often the case, modders got to work on altering The Lands Between and those who call it home as soon as Elden Ring launched earlier this year. Some of the ways Elden Ring has been unofficially changed so far include changing all of the game's sword animations, and giving the game an easy mode. Coincidentally, the easy mode mod is one of the most popular so far and has already been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Another mod lets you summon the essence of legendary Elden Ring player Let Me Solo Her. The player rose to Elden Ring fame when they were summoned to a battle with Malenia wearing nothing but underwear and a pot on their head. Let Me Solo Her made short work of the boss before taking their leave and has been hailed a hero ever since. With the right mods applied, perhaps you can have Darth Vader and Let Me Solo Her fighting side by side. A duet unlike anything the world, Lands Between, or a galaxy far, far away has ever seen.

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