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Elden Ring Is Reportedly Skipping E3

Elden Ring fans looking forward to the game appearing at E3 might want to brace themselves, as it’s being reported that it might skip E3 entirely.

VentureBeat reporter and gaming insider Jeff Grubb talked about the game on the GamesBeat Decides podcast and had some choice words about the game’s chances of appearing at E3.

On the podcast, Grubb said, “I am really doubtful that it’s going to be at E3. I am pretty sure it’s not going to be at the Xbox event. And if it’s not there, I kind of don’t think it will be at E3 at all”.

Grubb didn’t go into any more detail on why Elden Ring won’t be appearing at E3, but it’s likely due to the impact of COVID on development. Previous FromSoftware games have made an appearance at Microsoft’s E3 conference, so it would make sense to appear there if it was going to appear anywhere.

Although things are looking pretty bleak for Elden Ring fans Grubb also said, “But there is still the small possibility that something will happen. I know Bandai Namco still wants to make something happen”.

Elden Ring’s continued absence from the gaming space is curious considering a trailer for the game leaked earlier in the year and had plenty of footage of the game to show off. Fans have been expecting Bandai Namco to release the trailer that has been leaked, but it looks like they have different plans in mind.

Fans were expecting to see Elden Ring appear, as it was confirmed that Bandai Namco will be making an appearance at E3 2021. If Jeff Grubb’s reports are to be believed, that won’t have anything to do with Elden Ring though.

With FromSoftware’s parent company believing that Elden Ring will launch before April 2022, time is slowly running out for Elden Ring to make an appearance. That may actually be the fault of leakers though, as a report has claimed that the reveal was delayed thanks to the trailer leaking early.

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