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Elden Ring: How To Defeat Mohg, The Omen

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Mohg, the Omen is a Great Enemy in Elden Ring. The boss is located at the end of the Leyndell Sewers beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital. After exploring the endless tunnels and meeting Dung Eater, you will come to the boss arena where Mohg, the Omen, will strike you down with his Spear. The fight with Mohg can be frustrating, especially because of the small room you have to fight him in.


There are two main strategies for this fight:

Melee Strategy

For the melee strategy, you will want to stay close to the boss at all times except for when the boss covers the area close to him in the fire. Mohg, the Omen usually has slow spear attacks that are easy to dodge. After doing a successful dodge, you can get a few hits in before the boss starts his next attack animation. Staying close during these slow-timed attacks will allow you to roll towards the attacks and place you in an advantageous position.

Out of all affinities and types of damage, the boss is most weak against all kinds of Physical Damage. This proves in favor of a melee class who will be using physical damage as their primary source of damage output. As the boss deals fire and blood damage, it would be best to have fire damage negation. You can bring Dappled Cured Meat and Stanching Boluses to cure Bleed buildup during the fight and not lose a huge chunk of your health.

Mohg's Shackle is another important item you should get if you are facing issues in this fight. The item allows you to bind Mohg, the Omen, for a few seconds allowing you to get a lot of hits in before the boss recovers. This can also interrupt the boss's dangerous attacks preventing you from taking any damage.

To acquire Mohg's Shackle, you will need to go to the bottom area of the Sewers and reach the area guarded by a giant Lobster. You can travel from the Leyndell Catacombs (Site of Grace) for this. Here you will find a corpse with the item for you to pick up. Fighting the Lobster is not mandatory in order to get this item.

Ranged Strategy

For the ranged strategy, you need to keep your distance from the boss at all times to avoid his spear attacks. Being far away from the boss will make the boss walk up towards you more often, giving you time to use your spells on him before running to another corner. However, try not to get cornered, or the boss can kill you.

Summoning a Tanky Spirit is essential as this will allow your Spirit Ash to attract the boss more while you charge your Sorceries and whittle down his health bar. Using the Hidden Cerulean Tear in your Wondrous Flask is a must thing you need to have. This will make FP consumption zero for the next 10 seconds allowing you to use Sorceries like Comet Azur and Rock Sling for a considerable time.

You can use Mohg's Shackle if the boss comes near you and move away to cast spells again. Try not to bring any Fire Incantations if you a Faith build user, as the boss has high resistance against Fire.

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General Tips

  • Be Level 75 or Higher
  • Use Talisman Items that will increase fire damage negation like the Flamedrake Talisman.
  • Try to use Mohg's Shackle both times during his attack animations to cancel them.
  • Mohg is Immune to all Status Ailments, so there is no point trying to stack Blood Loss on the boss.
  • Try to stay in the middle of the arena. Getting cornered will allow the boss to finish you off faster.

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