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Elden Ring: How To Defeat Alabaster Lord

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Throughout the Lands Between, you will find a slew of different enemies to take on and ultimately defeat. From giants in snow-covered hills to ancient aliens buried deep underground, you will spend much of your time in Elden Ring slashing away at your foes.

Some of these opponents can be found a number of times throughout the game, be that as bosses or just regular mobs. One of these enemies is the Alabaster Lord, a tall elf-like being that has both magic and melee attacks in its arsenal. If you can learn its attacks and overcome the other similar enemies in a number of locations, you can get your hands on both a powerful spell and a rare sword.

Alabaster Lord Overview

Alabaster Lord
LocationRoyal Grave Evergaol, Lake of Rot, and dungeons
  • Runes
  • Meteorite
  • Alabaster Lord's Sword
Weak toRanged Attacks, Bleed, Stagger

Located in both the Royal Grave Evergaol, just North of the Caria Manor, and in the Lake of Rot, the Alabaster Lord sometimes appears as a boss but also often as a regular mob. Utilizing both melee and magic attacks, this enemy can pose a challenge if you are not prepared.

Overall, it will be important to punish the Alabaster Lord after his magic attacks, due to their long recovery time. This can be achieved through both close quarters and ranged means, to equal amounts of success. Mainly, dodge into the attacks, making up distance from your enemy in order to get close and punish it.

Alabaster Lord Attacks


The Alabaster Lord performs a long swipe that can cover great distances, quickly followed by a fast slash. Being hit by the first will make it hard to dodge the second.

Counter: Roll into the first attack at the last moment, then away from the second. If timed correctly you will have an opening to deal a lot of damage.


The enemy summons a series of meteorites in the sky. These projectiles have tracking and can stun you easily.

Counter: Sprint either left or right until the spell is over. You can angle your run towards the enemy in order to quickly attack once you are safe.

Gravity Pull

The Alabaster Lord plunges his sword into the earth, using gravity magic to pull you closer; will make your character stumble.

Counter: Roll away the moment you see the animation begin, its range is very small.

Gravity Bullet

Your enemy will shoot a black sphere of gravity magic in your direction. This attack moves surprisingly fast but does not hit for high damage.

Counter: Roll through this one at the last second. Make sure your equipment load is either light or medium in order to get the maximum roll time.


This fight can be won with either a melee or ranged approach. The safest way to beat this enemy is to wait for it to use its magic, dodge, and then punish. Ultimately, once you have the basics of this fight down, each Alabaster Lord enemy can become relatively trivial.

Melee Strategy

For melee users, the best approach is to always dodge into your enemy, using i-frames in order to get close to him. By covering this distance, you can punish the Lord's slow attacks, dealing massive damage. There are two exceptions to this rule; firstly, for Meteorite, rather than rolling, sprint to the left or right. Secondly, for the gravity pull attack, roll away to avoid being sucked in.

The Alabaster Lord, like so many of Elden Ring's monsters, is weak to bleed. So, use a weapon such as the Rivers of Blood Katana to deal even higher damage.

Range Strategy

For ranged builds, the process is more or less the same. Remember your dodge timing and capitalize with your spells or arrows. Indeed, this approach, while perhaps a bit slower, is easier compared to melee.

General Tips

  • Roll into his melee attack.
  • Use Bleed.
  • Sprint away from the Meteorite.
  • Roll away when he plunges his sword into the ground.

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