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Elden Ring Had Its Website’s Instagram Link Hijacked By Trolls

Elden Ring’s official website was allegedly hacked earlier today, as its Instagram link redirected to a fake profile which promised visitors “Elden Ring news soon.”

One intrepid internet detective discovered that the fake Instagram profile – BandaiNamcoEntEurope – is connect to a Russian email and in no way affiliated with the highly anticipated game. We’re yet to learn how the Instagram profile came to be linked on Elden Ring’s official site, and Bandi Namco has not released an official statement about the apparent hack.

Elden Ring was first announced at E3 2019 and not a single piece of news has been made available since. Fans are so starved for info, that they’re actually coming up with their own lore for the game. At one point, Elden Ring was rumored to make an appearance during the July Xbox Showcase and give players a deep-dive into FromSoftware’s next title, but that rumor never came to fruition.

There’s no doubt that players are dying for more Elden Ring info – that’s what makes this latest hacking so nefarious. A collaboration between FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, Elden Ring has high expectations despite players knowing literally nothing about it. The fake Instagram account gave fans a glimmer of hope that something was on the horizon – sadly, we’ve probably still got a lot of waiting to do.

Our next best hope would be some sort of announcement during TGS 2020, scheduled to run from September 23 to September 27. Bandai Namco has a stacked showing this year – including Dragonball Z Kakarot, Scarlet Nexus, and Little Nightmares 2 – however, Elden Ring is conspicuously absent. It’s not likely that it’ll show up during TGS, but you can’t fault us for holding out hope.

Elden Ring might be a ways off, but another great FromSoftware title is gearing up to launch later this year. Demon’s Souls, the classic PS3 title that kicked off the entire Souls-craze, will be available on the PlayStation 5 when it launches on November 12. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the masterpiece – or if you need a way to take your mind off of Elden Ring – the remastered Demon’s Souls should do the trick.

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