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Elden Ring Fans Think They’ve Found One Of Dragonlord Placidusax’s Heads

Crumbling Farum Azula is tough enough. It's plagued with dragons, archers, and magical enemies, all while you're suspended in the sky above the Land's Between, fighting back against old bosses now as regular enemies, on a conveyer belt to a tough penultimate duel that leads you right back to the capital for the final fight. But if you take a detour, you can fight a giant two-headed dragon in a foggy time chamber that feels like you've stumbled into the backrooms.

This is Dragonlord Placidusax – one dragon head is enough, spewing fire while they stomp around, putting up a fight at close and long range while swatting you with their wings, making even mid-range a pain. This one has two heads. And while that seems harsh, we're lucky – someone lopped off its other heads before we arrived.

The Old Lord's Talisman points to at least two other heads having once been attached to this monstrosity, and if Highsenberg is right, they've found one. It's in the arena where you take on the Godskin Duo, and it looks an awful lot like the two heads still attached to Placidusax.

However, there's one hiccup with this theory – the head is massive. Way bigger than any of Placidusax's still-attached ones. But size is a weird beast in its own right in Elden Ring. We see as much with Morgott who shrinks down to a normal-sized human when they die, losing their curse and Great Rune. It could very well be that by placing themselves in a disillusioned time chamber separate from the world, Placidusax weakened and shrank as a result.

Or it could be their parents, another dragon, or something else entirely. But it does look suspiciously like Placidusax, so the theories are running rampant. Whatever the case, just be glad that we didn't have to contend with a four-headed dragonlord – Malenia was enough for one playthrough.

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