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Elden Ring Fans Share Their Favorite FromSoftware Boss Fights

Now that Elden Ring has been in the public's hands for a full four months, fans of FromSoftware's work have started to compare it to other games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne to see how it stacks up. More specifically, Elden Ring fans have been talking about how good the game's boss fights are compared to FromSoftware's other hit titles, kicking off a discussion about different fights from across the developer's titles and just how dang good they are. Be aware that there are pretty big Elden Ring spoilers if you read on.

Starting with Elden Ring, a fair few FromSoft fans seem to agree that the game has some of the prettiest fights the developer has ever come up with. Elden Beast comes up quite a few times as one of the boss fights that are more impressive as a spectacle rather than an actual challenge, although Redditor Murmadurk admits to getting killed due to the "wow factor." Other Elden Ring bosses given a special mention are Godfrey, Radagon, Horah Loux, Morgott, and Maliketh, all of which are described as fun to fight due to their learnable attack patterns.

Outside of Elden Ring, the final boss fight from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Sword Saint Ishiin – also gets quite a lot of love from the FromSoft community, with many explaining how his intense level of difficulty made him especially satisfying to finally strike down. There's also a special mention of the Guardian Ape fight, as a couple of fans reminisce on the first time they sliced off his head, only for him to get up and start wailing on the player once again.

Outside of the actual fights themselves, Redditor casualringbearer praises an aspect of the games that often goes overlooked – the soundtrack. While they don't mention any specific bosses, casualringbearer praises Bloodborne for its music, explaining that the orchestral tracks featured help the game's boss fights pop. Whatever your favorite may be, with this many differing opinions and dozens of examples to choose from, it's safe to say that FromSoftware is the king of the boss fight.

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