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Elden Ring Fans Debate Where It’d Be Best To Live In The Lands Between

The Lands Between is both beautiful and dangerous. But despite the dangers, which can include massive magical bears, fire-breathing dragons, and giant lobsters that can snipe you from halfway across a lake, people do setting in the various vistas of Elden Ring. And if they can, then surely a Tarnished can too.

But where in the Lands Between is the best place to settle down? That's the question asked by Reddit user sakesashimi in their post, "Where in the Lands Between would you want to live?"

It's a good question, given how dangerous the Lands Between are. Even Limgrave is full of angry trolls and giant blood-sucking bats at night, and that's assuming the average Godrick soldier doesn't attack you on sight.

The top response from user _Chonus_ is a pretty good one though: "Jarburg." It's got beautiful scenery, enough land to grow food and flowers, and its secluded nature means that it's devoid of threats outside a single instance of poaching. However, Jarburg's seclusion means it'd also be a pretty lonely place to live, as the only way of getting back to the rest of civilization (such as it is in the Lands Between) is to scale a sheer cliff.

Being terrified of heights, perhaps I'd consider somewhere on the Altus Plateau and its permanent autumn air. User Drekkevac noted that it has great farmland and plenty of windmills that could be fixed up, but others noted that the only populated village sacrificed all its male inhabitants.

How about the Academy at Raya Lucaria? If you ignore the magical traps, FP-sapping zombies, an Onyx Lord, and Abductor Virgins, you'd have a fairly nice view of the rest of the world. There are also plenty of books to read and sorcery to uncover. But it's still a pretty dangerous place even if you assume the faculty doesn't want you dead on sight.

My personal choice would be Siofra River, but even if you manage to convince the Ancestral Followers to leave you alone, there are still giant crabs, land octopuses, and Claymen to contend with (although the scenery is quite beautiful). The Haligtree is also a nice place with its open acceptance of all races and creeds, but it’s got a heart of rot and a main thoroughfare that’s full of Revenants.

Perhaps truly the best place to live was suggested by hafsies: "Dragon temple island. Isolated, beautiful, and close to my rat boyfriend." Boc will be happy to hear it.

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