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Elden Ring Fans Are Wondering Why Morgott’s Boss Fight Cutscene Was Changed

Elden Ring might already be on the short list for game of the year, but it’s still a game that’s very much in development. The latest patch had a laundry list of bug fixes as well as several new features, such as an audio queue for when summon signs are available or the ability to quit to desktop from the in-game menu for PC players.

Things are also changing in other meaningful ways. As noted by Reddit user Razhork, a big change happened to Morgott’s cutscene between patches 1.02 and 1.04. Be warned of minor spoilers ahead.

As you can see in the below graphic, Morgott previously revealed his sword by imbuing it with a sort of fiery energy that cracked it open from the heat. As of patch 1.04, however, Morgott simply crushed the rock encasing his sword.

Fans are speculating what this might mean in terms of Elden Ring’s lore. On the one hand, the change makes sense as Morgott’s powers are mostly derived from his allegiance to the Greater Will and the Erdtree. That’s why Morgott’s powers are mostly golden incantations, such as throwing golden daggers or summoning a rain of golden swords.

However, Morgott does seem to have Bloodflame abilities as well. Morgott can imbue his sword with Bloodflame magic, and the second half of the fight also causes eruptions of flames to randomly appear on the ground, although those eruptions are golden-hued.

Razhork also reminded us that Morgott’s sword is actually made of his "cursed blood," possibly explaining those Bloodflame abilities. "They might've originally wanted to do more with this and Morgott," Razhork added, "but ended up moving in a different direction where Bloodflame doesn't play a part in his characterization."

However, the top comment notes the irony of removing Morgott's flames right before he delivers his "flame of ambition" line.

Today’s 1.05 patch notes also note a bug fix for Warrior Jar Alexander that might finally get him to move from the Starscourge Radahn site of grace. If he’s been stuck there for the past few months, check around Liurnia and Mt. Gelmir to see if he’s back on his travels.

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