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Elden Ring Fan Cosplays Let Me Solo Her

More than 12 million people have picked up a copy of Elden Ring so far. During the first two months those millions of players have had to explore The Lands Between, many of them have come across the weird, wonderful, and sometimes downright terrifying people and creatures who call it home. However, for the past week, The Lands Between has had a new hero. A character that wasn't created by FromSoftware and George R. R. Martin, but a player who has been coming to the aid of those who need it most.

That player is called Let Me Solo Her, and if you haven't heard of them, you've been missing out on what might be Elden Ring's greatest side story so far. News of Let Me Solo Her's work has traveled so far that the player has been turned into a spirit you can summon, a 3D miniature, and now there's even Let Me Solo Her cosplay.

That's right, a dedicated Elden Ring player, and a very talented cosplayer, has put together a Let Me Solo Her fit. Kitty Bit Games unveiled their look on Twitter on Monday and it has been getting a lot of attention and praise ever since. Just like Let Me Solo Her's in-game character, Kitty Bit is wearing nothing but white cloth to cover what needs to be covered. Oh, and the player's iconic pot over their head, of course, which is legitimately a pot that you might find in the garden, not one specifically made for cosplay purposes.

Kitty Bit reveals that to make what must be a pretty heavy pot easier to wear, there's a towel inside. It also rests nicely on their shoulders, allowing them to take the brunt of the weight. The replies under Kitty Bit's post ask a lot of questions about the pot, but almost nothing about the katanas. Needed to complete the look, and handy that they have that and a very accurate-looking pot lying around the house.

Now all we need to see is Kitty Bit's Let Me Solo Her take on a real-life Malenia. The only trouble is, the best cosplay we've seen of what might well be Elden Ring's toughest boss was also put together by Kitty Bit. If a real battle between the two is going to happen, they'll need to select a worthy, similarly-sized foe to borrow one of their meticulously pieced together cosplay outfits.

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