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Dusk Diver 2 – How To Defeat Fusion Chaos Beast Type Lambda

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Smacking bosses at the end of Chapters is starting to become routine in Dusk Diver 2. Even the naming conventions are starting to feel a bit samey, with Fusion Chaos Beast Type Lambda being as awkwardly named as Large Chaos Beast Type Lambda from earlier. Strange names aside, Fusion is quite the beefcake.

Cover in armour, brandishing a wicked hammer, and standing taller than a small house, Fusion is no laughing matter. This thing is more than ready to knock your head into your chest, and he’s got more than enough hammer to bonk your mates on dome too. Thankfully, he’s not the nimblest of foes.

Fusion Chaos Beast Type Lambda’s Attacks

As one might expect from a monstrously large, hammer-toting demon, Fusion is all about swinging that beatstick. Throw in some magical tomfoolery, and you’ve got yourself a boss.

Body SlamThis will be Fusion’s go-to gap closer in the early fight. Fusion will leap into the air and slam his entire body on top of you dealing damage.You have seen this attack before on other bosses – simply dodge away and you will be fine.
Overhead Hammer Slam Fusion slams its hammer down causing heavy damage. Not only that, but a lightning field lingers around the impact site briefly.This attack is awkward to avoid. The hammer itself is easily dodged, but due to the AOE lightning, it is very easy to be caught in that field. Two rapid dodges should do the trick.
Double Hammer SwipeFusion swings its hammer in a wide arc twice, dealing moderate damage with each swing.This attack is slow and lumbering. It’s incredibly simple to just dodge away from it.
Hammer Slam + Tracking OrbsThis is one of Fusion’s best attacks. Fusion slams its lightning-infused hammer into the ground and unleashes several lightning orbs that track the player – dealing decent damage per orb.This attack is a pain to avoid since the orbs can move in unusual ways to get to you. This makes dodging them difficult. Dodging to the side works well, however, as the orbs have a wide turning circle.
Hammer Slam + AOE ExplosionThis is another excellent attack in Fusion’s arsenal. Fusion slams his hammer into the ground, and blue goo appears around him. After a brief delay, the goo explodes dealing massive damage to anyone caught in the radius.The moment you see Fusion’s hammer slam into the ground, dodge away and keep dashing until you are out of range.

Best Party Members

Any character can deal with Fusion without much issue as his moveset is powerful – but slow. We found that Yumo was especially good at taking down Fusion due to her rapid playstyle. Viada is a great alternative as she can stay away from Fusion the entire fight and gun him down – this will likely take longer, however.

Battle Strategy

We are going to assume you are running Yumo for this. The best way to take out Fusion is to stick close and attack it relentlessly. Use your Skills when you can, and break through his armour and land those Break Strikes.

To make this easier, bringing a few BP potions and popping your Burst for the damage increase is highly advised. We were able to burn through Fusion using one-and-a-half Bursts, making this strategy incredibly cost-effective. Not to mention the time saved.

Healing potions are also advised since Fusion can hit hard. Yumo is not that tanky, so if she takes a hit, it can hurt. Having a few curatives on hand can help cover for any mistakes, without taking you away from the fight.

The only attacks you need to look out for against Fusion are its two hammer slam attacks. The orb variant can be a pain to dodge, and the explosion variant deals way too much damage to ignore. Watch out for them, and back away as quickly as you can.

With Fusion Chaos Beast Type Lambda down, you are free to move on to Chapter Six.

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